Love Lessons from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

It’s always awesome to stop, admire and reflect on the perspectives young minds bring to us ‘seasoned adults’. 

When we talk about Leadership Legacy, we engage in conversation and activities that leave a lasting impression every time we enter or leave a conversation. It carries on when we enter or leave a room.  It’s important to remember that people watch, listen, hear and are moved by our attitudes, actions, conversations and our belief systems.

In hectic times and hectic lives, we as adults can get forgetful of the impact we have on those around us. In the rush and the hubbub of daily activity, it can seem to us (and to others) that we walk with blinders on.  If we are to really learn and embrace the concept the each one of us is leaving a lasting, living, thriving legacy, then it’s time to slow down and remember the basics.  It was recently that I got a reminder of how important this really is!

When we live a life that is a LIVING legacy, we choose to lead each step. We choose to create balance and harmony, we choose to walk away from ideas, actions and attitudes that do not support our goals.  We also understand that a living legacy as a leader involves more than just an outward appearance of title in our business.

A living legacy leader takes actions that create balance and prosperity in all areas of life.  Family, personal time, health, wellness, peace of mind, work, community, time for hobbies, time to nurture and nourish our spiritual life and time for love- true love of life an love of others.

In the quest for complete ‘living’ and BEING that great example, it is important to slow down and remember that part of those who observe us, part of those whose lives we impress upon are our children.

The love lesson reminder I received recently from my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is this:

Remember to take time each day to genuinely look others in the eyes and SMILE.  Take time to GIVE at least 6 hugs a day to those around you. (Hugs are therapeutic and healing by the way. In the act of giving, you will receive hugs also!)  Last, but not least- remember that it is OK to be a kid, and have kid dreams and have kid wishes. It is OK to pursue our kid dreams and wishes with Passion, focus and pure JOY!

It is in that pursuit of those dreams with passion, focus and joy- that we, as adults who also know the power of planning out the actions that make those dreams come true- can truly find bliss!

Let’s remember to honor our children by showing them each day that we do value them. For as crazy as their dreams,ideas and thoughts might sound to us, often you will find within their words Wisdom that we adults need to hear.

They are truly a blessing and their young, unbiased perspectives on the world and towards us- the big kids- can help us stay grounded, on track, living with a purpose and full of fire to show tomorrow’s leaders that they CAN have their dreams!

Enjoy a prosperous and rewarding day,

Debbra Sweet

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Teacher

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Teacher

Faith vs. Fear: Are You Running Scared or Believing in God?

The turmoil being caused in the world today on many fronts has many people running scared. The question is- are you? 

As a Christian, we are to walk by faith – and not by fear.   However, it is very easy to have our thoughts be misguided, impressed upon by worldly beliefs which can corrode our thinking to the point where we are walking by fear and not faith.

Walk by Faith-Not Fear

Walk by Faith-Not Fear



The word (the written bible) is filled with instruction in the areas of faith and fear. It is up to us to work the word, study it, learn it and hold onto the information God has so beautifully laid out for our learning.

The word also speaks often of ‘rumors of wars in divers (many) places’.  It talks about famine, upheavals of people and the bad decisions people made – and the consequences that come along with it. 

The great thing about God so graciously laying out his word in living history- is that we can study this – and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes others before us made.

We get to learn how to live victoriously- in any situation, any condition or amongst any ‘disaster’ that may be occurring around us.

There are a few key promises God made to us and he still holds up today.  It is important for us as believers to really understand the depth of these promises- for with our understanding of the details of these promises, we are able to firmly hold onto them in order for God to bring them to pass in our lives- no matter what the worldly conditions are around us.

The first promise is this:

III John 2 ” Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health- even as thy soul prospereth“.

God WANTS us to prosper and be in health!!  However- there is a condition. Everything in the universe needs balance. God created this universe- and his Word.  To reap the prosperity and health, we need to understand that there’s another part to this verse that brings the balance. When there is balance, and all areas covered, God is able to provide to us easily.  The balance or ‘condition’ is: “even as thy soul prospereth”.  What does that mean?

This verse is a perfect mathematical equation.  We will prosper AND be in health EVEN AS our soul prospereth.  Here’s another way to see this:  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest PROSPER + BE IN HEALTH = THY SOUL PROSPERS.”

As thy soul prospers is the condition that we need to work and be aware of in order to receive prosperity and health.  If we do not live, walk, and nurture our spiritual (soul) life with prayer, supplication, thankfulness, learning His word and then sharing His word- we will not have prosperity or health.

In these days where the current world talk is all about the monetary situations of everyone- the first thing for us to look at as believers is: how is our spiritual life? What’s our spiritual bank account like? Are we nourishing it daily?  One of the steps to remember for prosperity and health is to feed our spiritual life.  If you do not feed into the spiritual bank account, God cannot feed into your life in other areas with prosperity or health.

When our spiritual life is nourished, we have the ability to strengthen our faith- our believing in God’s word- without question. By having strong, rock solid believing – according to God’s principles, then he can work in our lives in any situation. He can bring prosperity and health to us that is in proportion to our spiritual health and prosperity.

A benefit of increasing our believing by being actively involved in our spiritual walk is that with each step of growth and understanding of God’s word and his promises for us- we are able to remove fear from our lives.

I John 4:18 says: “There is no fear in love (agape-‘the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation’); but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

The word love, when from the Greek word Agape- is the love of God, in the renewed mind (when we change our thinking and live according to his Word) in manifestation (visible, living proof, actually coming to pass).   This form of love is not the way we casually use the word love today. Agape love is deep, pure, passionate and unadulterated.

Perfect love- perfect Agape – is walking uprightly. It’s intentionally living a Godly, spiritually strong life based on the knowledge of God’s word.  When we have perfect love- perfect Agape- it gets rid of fear. I John 4:18 says fear has torment- it causes torment, unrest, and hardship in peoples lives.   I John 4:18 also says that if you have fear in your life- you are not walking in an Agape lifestyle or mindset- we’re not made perfect in love.

What’s awesome about how God created us- is knowing- that he made us to be successful! He made us to be more than conquerors! He made us so that by learning his promises, then taking action on what he has taught- these changes can happen easily in our lives.

If you’ve been held captive to fear because of current world events and news- you can be freed from the bondage of that fear by walking forth and claiming the promises shown here today. Claim them for your own- take ownership of them!!  Own them, believe them fully- without a doubt – and you will have opened the door for God to bring peace and prosperity into your live.  God gave us what we need to make this happen. II Timothy 1:4 promises us:  “For God hath not (absolutely not) given us the spirit (character) of fear (cowardly cowardice), but of power (inherent power), and of love (agape), and of a sound (sober) mind”.

We have the ability to have clear, strong, thinking in any situation.  God did not give us fear!  The world – those who walk without God- propound fear into daily conversation. 

They thrive on it. There is a universal and spiritual law that is immutable-it cannot be changed.  The spiritual law in Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. The Universal Law of Attraction says:  “What you think most upon, what you focus most of your thoughts upon- you attract into your life”.  If we are always surrounding ourselves with input and people that are always focusing on the fear from the torment, turmoil and disasters going on- then that is what we will have in our daily lives.

Romans 2:12 says: “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what (is) that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”  We must guard ourselves to our input- and walk away, turn off, or close the door to fear based thinking and input if we want to keep our minds strong, sharp and focused on God’s foundation for success and prosperity! 

Philippians 4:6 says :”Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” During the days (or even minutes) where you start to feel anxious, uncertain, you feel fear creeping in – God instructs us to renew our thinking by prayer. Be thankful and grateful for the blessings we do have and the promises God has made.  Hold onto the firm belief of God’s promises for you!!  It will come to pass when you walk your spiritual walk filled with a thankful heart.

The word tells us that there WILL be many rumors of wars, disasters, famines, etc.  The world, although it was made by God- is not ruled by God. The adversary rules the world. God oversees us- his born again children.  The word says we (God’s children) are in the world- but we are not OF the world.  When we are born again with God’s spirit, we are not of the world. Knowing that the Word clearly tells us that there will be unrest amongst people on the earth- we can see things going on around us from a spiritual view and not a man made view.  

The warfare going on in the world is first and foremost a spiritual war.  It’s the adversary against God- just as it always has been. The evidence of this is showing in many forms of destruction around us. This is caused by the divisive hand of the devil – for his true nature is that of pure hatred. He stands for everything that is opposite of God.  

There are times when the adversary moves very subtly. He presents himself as beautiful, pleasant and inviting. We are to really watch our thoughts and input because with just a change of one word here, one action there- our beliefs, acceptance and understanding can start to be moved away from God’s word.
I Peter 5: 8 says: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour”.  This verse shows the real nature of the devil.  He wants to devour us- his goal – his only true goal is to “kill, steal and destroy us”. He does NOT want us to walk with God. Whether his actions are subtle and sly- or outright obvious with intense destruction, we are to be clear in our thinking (sober) and be vigilant- be watchful and careful- but not fearful.

Fear opens the door for the adversary to come in. Fear is how a lion captures its prey. It comes upon quietly- then roars unexpectedly- startling the prey into a state of unmovable fear. This is the opportunity for the lion to attack, kill and destroy!  If we walk with fear- or if we are inattentive and walking without God- this is exactly the kind of situation we allow to happen in our lives. It is the open door for the adversary to come in and personally attack us!  

When we remove fear from our life we can claim God’s promise to keep us safe: “Proverbs 29:25 “the fear of a man bringeth a snare (a trap): but whose putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe”.  One of the traps we have to be watchful of is man’s thinking- mans’ words, and man’s actions.

Those who walk without God are open doors for the adversary to come in and play with. They (people who walk without God’s spiritual guidance and instead are led by the adversary) are the ones who are involved in the actions that are causing turmoil for many today.

God warns us often of the consequences of trusting the worldly, five senses man only.  He instructs us on the importance of living by vigilant believing (faith) and spiritually walking with the promises of God’s word- instead of living from a worldly perspective.  Living worldly causes fear and destruction. 

Psalms: 118: 8 “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”

Jeremiah 17: 5-8 clearly shows the benefits of trusting God and the consequences of living by trusting man:

5. “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed (be) the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh (five senses) his arm (strength), and whose heart (believing) departeth from the Lord.
6. For (explains the reason) he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, (in) a salt land and not inhabited.
7. Blessed (is) the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope (belief) the Lord is
8. For (explains the reason) he (the man that trusts the Lord) shall be as a tree planted by the waters (strong, healthy, fed, grounded, beautiful and lush) and spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when the heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit

When we trust in God, and walk by faith- unyielding believing – under any circumstance, we will be more than conquerors!  If we walk by fear- and we give into the worldly thoughts caused by the manifestation of spiritual darkness –we will eventually be devoured.  God states that if we faint when hard times come- it is because of one thing:  we not have enough knowledge of his word within us. Proverbs 24:10 “If thou faint in the day of adversity, they strength (knowledge of God’s word) is small (narrow- thin, not solid). Knowledge of God’s word and his promises builds the foundation for us to walk on solid ground- ground that will support us under any situation, any circumstance!   

Remember this- the next time you feel fear creeping into your thinking- claim the promise of perfect peace- and then hold onto that promise, watch your input and be sure to communicate with God in thanksgiving. Isaiah 26:3 “Thou wilt keep him in peace (whose) mind (is) stayed (strong, consistent)  (on thee): because he trusteth in thee”

This renewing of your mind and actions builds the trust that will allow you to prosper- and have no fear -in any situation!

God Bless and may you have a fearless day!

By Debbra Sweet

Debbra Sweet is a biblical scholar who served 8 years on the Board of Directors for ACF (The Association of Christian Fellowships) a worldwide biblical research ministry. Debbra Sweet and her husband, Pastor Daniel Sweet, were in charge of the North San Diego County Region of in home fellowships for ACF. During that time, she has overseen the growth and development of multiple in home fellowships and has been instrumental in helping many people come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word. Today she supports believers world wide through Gods Word First ministry. She is the founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions and an author in the Power of Leadership book series.

Getting Your Wants and Needs Parallel

Learning how to manifest an abundant life is just that: learning.  You need to learn what to do, when to do it, why to do it, how to do and then know what to with the abundance you’ve received once you have it. Let’s recap from our previous blogs.  

 To manifest abundance here’s some of the growth steps we’ve covered:

  1. The most important thing you can do first is to clearly understand that you need to control your thinking- and you have the power and ability to do so.
  2. Know that everything that is in your life is a direct result of the choices you have made.  Everything you do revolves’ around choices.
  3. When choosing to create abundance in your life, you have to live intentionally.  You put momentum into your life when your thoughts are clearly, intentionally focused on what you want- (not on what you don’t want).
  4. Once you make the choice and create the vision you want for your life- begin by taking action.
  5. The next step is to create balance in your life.  Too much of anything is not healthy. To little of things is also not healthy.  
    Are your wants and needs balanced?

    Are your wants and needs balanced?















Today we’ll take a look at the importance of having your wants and needs parallel.  This is tied into the universal law of balance.    Physics has verified this – for every action, there is an opposite reaction.  The universe can only thrive (and actually exist) when there is balance.  Anything out of balance ultimately destroys itself- often resulting in catastrophe, damage, disease and even death.  

To create an abundant life, all areas of your life must be in balance. I shared that in the last few blogs.  Here’s how to understand the wants and needs being parallel. 


In order for the universe to supply you with abundance, what you want, what you need first must be: 

  1. Available
  2. You need to know how to get it
  3. You need to know what to do with it once you have it
  4. There needs to be equilibrium between your NEEDS and your WANTS- they must be equal

If you have a great need for something in your life, but little want (desire, vision, or motivation to take action to receive it)- you won’t get it.

If you have a great want for something in your life- but there is a not the equal amount of need- you won’t get it. 

Abundance is huge and all around us- but abundance doesn’t always relate to excess.   Extreme excess of any one thing can often turn into spoilage- it can become stagnant, can self rot, decay and destroy itself.  (Remember the importance of ‘balance’?) 

The excess desire – or a huge want- can often lead to a tunnel vision focus on that one thing. It can quickly become an obsessive desire- again, creating an imbalance in our lives.  

Learning to control your thinking, focus, desire and vision to allow for your wants and needs to be parallel (in harmony, balance) you begin to work within the universal law of balance.   This allows abundance to enter into your life. 

Take a look at what you focus your energy, thoughts and desires on?  Do you have an area where there is too much want – but not enough real need?  Is there something you really need- but you secretly, deep down inside do not want? 

If you are honest with your self about walking to intentionally create abundance, I encourage you to write this down. Make an inventory of your wants and needs. Where is the balance strong? Where is it out of alignment? 

Begin to shift your wants and needs, get them more in balance with each other- then create the vessel to allow the abundance to flow into your life. 

Have an abundant day,

Debbra  Sweet

Vision to See The Way


See the Vision of the World that You Want

See the Vision of the World that You Want

The last thing to understand and practice in knowing how to receive the abundance that is awaiting you- is vision. 

 As I spoke in earlier blogs, you need to clearly identify in your mind, the vision for what you wish to attract.  You need to identify that what you want is available and today you learned that you need to know how to receive.  You have to prepare your environment and your thinking so you can receive. 

What comes next is creating the vision of receipt before you ever physically have what you want.   When you have that vision and you practice thinking as if you already have it- it propels the attraction, the positive momentum your way- so you can receive.

Remember, when you decide to change your thinking – you will begin to shift your belief system. It may not be comfortable or familiar territory but it is very rewarding when you achieve. Where you want to manifest abundance, you need to undo what has already been programmed in your thinking.  

Create the intention, create the foundation for balance and soon you will see the abundance manifest in your life.

Check back find to discover how to understand the universal law of balance and how it applies to your ability to manifest abundance and prosperity.  It’s not what you think!  

Have an abundantly blessed day,


Spiritually Speaking

From the time we’re born, we seek to learn from those who are around us.  Deep inside people is an inherent desire to search for a ‘higher power’.  Many people feel an emptiness, an aloneness, a ‘hole in their heart’ until they find a higher power.  Along the search to fill that emptiness, the void, people tend to cover or temporarily fill that feeling with other things of the world.  Those actions may temporarily satisfy the desire and cover the feeling of emptiness, but until one connects on a spiritual level with a higher power, those feelings will continue to resurface.

Some people never find the higher power that fulfills. Instead they are content to continue worldly actions that momentarily fill the void, but at the end of the day, they are still empty from true purpose in their life. In some cases, those worldly actions simply destroy their life.

In my search, I found my higher power through biblical truths. I tried many worldly ways to fill that void- but this is what filled it for me.  One biblical truth, one promise that I have come to understand is this:  John 10:10 says:  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou (you) mayest (may) prosper and be in health, even as thy (your) soul (spiritual life) prospers”. 

This is a mathematical equation.  To have prosperity and health in your life, you need to have spiritual prosperity also.

You need to have balance here too.    If your spiritual life is not healthy, it’s not fed or nurtured, your life is out of balance.  The amount of attention you give and feed your life spiritually will be a direct connection to the amount of abundance and health you will manifest also.

Take the time to nourish your spirit. Take the time to fill that hole with wisdom, knowledge, power and insights if you truly want prosperity and abundance.

Need some ideas on where to start? Need some help dusting off the old ways?  Here’s a great place to begin

Every day brings rays of hope and opportunity if you believe

Every day brings rays of hope and opportunity if you believe




Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Debbra Sweet

For The Health of It

An abundance of health is available- but it takes you to be involved to make sure it manifests.  First, understand that the body was designed to heal itself.  It has in it, an inherent ability to heal. Modern western medicine in and of itself does not heal. It can create a condition that allows your body, on a cellular level, to heal. Your emotional thoughts about this ability will have an impact on your healing.  If you believe the body will heal, you create the cellular momentum that allows for healing to happen. If you believe that it won’t- your cellular memory and vibrational attraction will be that what you manifest is lack of health.  Lack of health is sickness or disease.

Another element to abundant health is how you ‘tend’ to your body.  It’s like the farmer and the soil. The farmer needs to remove the old, nutritionally devoid soil and then either feed the remaining soil with fertilizer (vitamins and minerals) or literally add (amend) his existing soil with nutritionally dense soil. This action allows for healthy growth of the new crop. 

To have optimal health, you need to have balance. You need to remove the old cells, the toxins, the internal debris and build up- and then replace it with healthy nutrients. Healthy nutrients will build new, healthy cells. Remember earlier it was stated that science has shown that in 7 years, you can have a whole new body on a cellular level? This is how. It’s a good practice to cleanse your body of toxic buildup.  There are many easy, effective things you can do to internally cleanse out the garbage that has accumulated in your body over the years.  (A good ND or nutritionist can assist you with this).   One way to assist in maintaining healthy cellular balance and the body’s ability to naturally cleanse is through movement- exercise.  When you are stagnant all day, internally you become stagnant too. Lymph doesn’t move, your circulation slows down, your metabolism slows down.  Lack of movement creates an internal blockage – cesspool of cells- that leads to sickness and disease. You create your own build up of toxins. Without movement, those toxins have no where to go- so they penetrate into healthy cells- and now those cells are toxic too. Movement is vital in health. It keeps life energy on a true cellular level happen.

Once you’ve cleansed out the old buildup, it’s important to now tend to your body with better fuel- better food intake. (Less sugar, less artificial ingredients, more water and more vitamins and minerals.) Your food is literally the physiological building blocks your body is made of.   How can you have an abundant amount of health if you prepare your ‘field’ (your body) with nutrient deficient food source?  The body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water in the most pure form in order to tap into its own healing capabilities.  When you feed your body with the best food you can, you create new, healthy cells. These cells are stronger than the old, stagnant, toxic cells. These new cells help to push out the old cells and all their waste build up.  It’s a cycle.

Cleansing to get rid of the old ‘gunk’, plentiful rest (which is when cellular repair takes place), drinking enough water (we’re ¾ water on a cellular level) and an intake of nutritionally rich food helps us emotionally be strong. When we feel better, it’s easier to have positive emotions. Positive emotions attract more positive opportunities in life.

Abundance and prosperity come when you make a choice to take action – in this case, take action and reap the rewards for the health of it!

God Bless,

Debbra Sweeet

For the Health of It

For the Health of It

The Choice to Be Productive

I’ve talked about this before, and it seems like I am speaking about it even more.

Every day we have a choice to intentionally be involved in our life.  For some, that may sound silly, odd or off the wall. For others, they will ‘get it’.

To some who are getting to know me, as you learn more about me, I may appear to you as  an ‘over achiever’.  To those, that may be your perception – but the reality is, I simply choose to be productive. 

As I was growing up, I had hopes, ideas, and dreams of how I wanted my life to be.  Some of those ideas came to pass. Others did not. I did not have the knowledge, the resources, the support system around me to lay the foundation to really make things happen. Now I do.

The big point to make is here: even though I now have all of the things I need to really make dreams, ideas and hopes a reality, the most important thing that is needed first is the commitment and conviction to make a choice to make things happen!  The cool part is- you can do this too…if you choose to!

So many people say they want to do things, they complain about the way things are- but they are unwilling to actually do anything about it!  They love to wallow in their ‘story’ and it is that ‘story’ that is part of what holds them back.  Actually, there are reasons behind the story- and all too often we stay emotionally attached to those reasons.  They may not be logical (in fact, most of the time they are not) however, they are familiar and comfortable.   The easy way out of things is to do or stay where it is comfortable. 

Do you have hopes, dreams, ideas that you say you want to come to pass?  Are you being honest with yourself when you say the answer?  Is it really what you want?  If deep down inside, the answer is YES- then all you have to do now is make the choice to change. Make the choice to do one thing a day to make one of your goals, dreams, ideas come to pass.  Each day you take a new step. Each day you take a new action. Each day you are laying the foundation and walking the pathway to seeing your dreams and ideas become reality! 

You may have to modify some of the habits you have now in order to create ‘room’ in your life to do these new actions.  That’s good!  You want that!  If you feel a bit uncomfortable because you are walking in unfamiliar territory- that’s ok!  You want that – it’s a sign of growth!

Make the choice to be productive and follow your dreams.  In doing so, you can be one of those people who lives a life with no regrets when they are older.   

If you need (or want) some support in gaining the courage to take the first step, a key is to learn from leaders who have already done things like this.  A great resource that is available to you to start learning what you can do to make changes that produce the results you want in your life is right here:   Tune in weekly and really take the time – invest the time into yourself- to hear the information and wisdom brought forth from the show and the guests.

If you cannot hear the new broadcasts live, the archives are there for you to listen to at your own pace.  Feel free to listen to them often as they will give you solid information from people who have made the choice to make themselves a success.  They are here freely offering up their experiences and learning lessons to help shorten your learning curve!

It’s been said before, if you choose to do the same thing the same way and expect different results- that is the definition of insanity.  You HAVE the power to make the CHOICE to be Productive!  Choose it, live it, love it and thrive with your growth.  You can reach your potential- if you are willing to do what needs to be done.

Enjoy your choice – and remember, even if you choose to NOT choose- you STILL have made a choice! 

Debbra Sweet

Power of Leadership Radio Host Debbra Sweet

Power of Leadership Radio Host Debbra Sweet

Let’s Get Physical

Creating abundance  on a physical level requires us to take a look at what we already have and understanding what to do in order to create the opportunity for prosperity to enter your life.

After a farmer tills the soil, he will go through and purge any remaining weeds so they do not infest the new crop. If your intention is to have more materialistic things, – physical- things, but you have in your surroundings already either: too many things that you never use, or you have items that when you look at them or think about them- you find that sad, negative, hostile or non-positive feelings surface, you have a blockage (weeds) that will prevent you from attracting positive things.

Too many things are just that: too many things. Sometimes we call people who hold onto too much ‘packrats’. Often there’s a scarcity mindset behind this. One may feel that they have to hold onto everything because they may not be able to get ‘it’ again. This mindset is small; it does not create a vessel that allows for abundance to manifest.

If there’s an ocean full of abundant and prosperous opportunities for you, but you have in your surroundings things that only allow for you to receive a drop- you’ll only receive a drop.

Historically (and a practice still evidenced today) there is a process in harvesting that is called separating the chaff.

Wheat closeup

Wheat closeup

Biblically and historically referenced, separating the chaff is a process by which, the useless parts of a grain are removed from the nutritionally valuable part of the grain.

It’s common to hear about this in the traditional harvesting of wheat. Today this action applies to many other food products. This practice of separating and then purging the old, useless parts of a harvest is the same as what we’ve been talking about above.

The chaff in your life is those things, people and emotions that are not valuable and cannot contribute to a positive harvest of abundance in your life. Another reason to let go of some physical things is the emotional attachments to them. It’s natural to create an emotional attachment by association to our physical things. As stated earlier, if you have physical, material things that when you see them or think about them- negative emotions(mental weeds) surface- the best thing you can do to create abundance is to let it go, get rid of it- literally.

It’s the concept of out of sight, out of mind. These negative emotions are chaff in your life. You may still have those memories dormant, but the trigger- the visual stimulant from that item that allows the negative emotion to surface. When you remove the physical item the emotional trigger that is attached to it will also be removed. This is a big step in letting go and creating abundance in your life.

For some people, this literal ‘purge'( or chaffing) of your things (or friends) will be emotionally freeing. You allow yourself to let go- and this release will give you room to receive new things (or people) in your life. You may want to do this alone- or you may want to have a really good friend by your side for emotional support as you go through this process.

Some people find that as they literally remove the physical things that make them think negatively, the negative emotion will temporarily surface. (It’s called a healing crisis- it’s temporarily resurfacing to allow for a positive memory replacement). On a cellular level, you can create new cellular memory.

The act of ‘purging’ the old – allows you to release the negative emotion. (Negative emotion that remains held onto- attracts new negative things in your life.) After time, this practice of separating the chaff becomes easy and you will find that you can do it more often. The removal of old, stagnant, emotionally binding items or people creates space in your life to receive the new positive things you desire. On an emotional level, as you ‘release’ the negative item, you ‘free’ your emotions as well. This positive result – imprints a positive emotion on into cellular memory- starting the process of positive attraction into your life.

You are on your way to learning time tested, proven insights to creating a prosperous life filled with abundance and blessings. Take the time to purge the chaff in your life. See how great this action makes you feel when it’s all said and done.

Looking forward to sharing next on how to create abundance and prosperity with your health!

Have an awesome day,

Debbra Sweet