The Real Breakfast of Champions

It hit me the other day that although Wheaties Cereal used the slogan ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ for many years to help promote and market their cereal, the one thing in common of all the true champions I know is this… they all practice feeding their unquenchable desire to learn and grow.

In essence, the REAL Breakfast of Champions is to feed the brain, feed the mind AND feed the body high quality fuel!

I am blessed with having surrounded myself with real champions. Sports stars, Olympians, Musicians, Authors, Speakers, Teachers, and even amazing mom’s, dads and incredible individuals who are also ‘on the way up’.  Every single person I know who has achieved a ‘championship’ status in their life, starts out their day not only with great fuel for the physical body (good, clean food)- but most importantly, they feed their brain and monitor their input from the moment of waking up, until the time they go to bed.

When the world propounds our senses with easy to absorb ‘noise’ of negativity, it takes a firm resolve and commitment first and foremost to oneself to ‘turn off and tune out’ all the gossip, drama, “NEWS” and cup half empty attitudes. A true champion recognizes that minute by minute, hour by hour, you need to be aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your attitudes about conversation and communication around you. 

Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s not comfortable.  Often times, it’s not ‘PC’.  If you have set in your mind that you too want to achieve greatness in your life, you want to build and lay a firm foundation for continued success and even a leader- you need to do what the champions have always done and have always known. 

If you need to, put ‘blinders’ on (like they do with a champion race horse)-so you have clear focused vision on where you are going. Those ‘blinders’ are not there all the time- but there are moments when you need to train yourself to not become distracted. When you can operate that way, continually (focused, yet completely ‘aware’ of your surroundings) then you take off the blinders.

The other thing is to feed your mind GOOD fuel, positive input each day. Start out your day that way!  Keep the TV off. Keep the newspapers folded up and unread until you’ve fed your mind FIRST with positive input that will support you in your journey for success.

Personally, I cannot remember the last time I actually ‘read’ the complete newspaper.  Let’s just say it was a long…long time ago!  (I do use them to line my bird cages with though!!)  If there is a positive story, then I may read it, otherwise, I have come to understand the power and importance of feeding the mind with POSITIVE fuel- daily.

If you start this habit, remember, you need to apply it daily. A little here, a little there.  If you say you ‘can’t find the time’… turn your bathroom into a mini library. (I hope other authors do not take offense to this suggestion… just know it will help you get your books read! LOL!) 

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in bite sizes. A book in the ‘reading room’ – if you read a paragraph or two at a time, all of a sudden becomes a page here, a page there. Next, that book will leave the ‘reading room’ and now you get into a chapter here, a chapter there.

For you, the one reading and training your brain the way champions do- you will soon become a willing athlete of learning ready to take on the next level of training on your way to champion status!

Go for it! Put on your Battle Cry for Success – and Feed your brain the way REAL Champions do! 

See you at the finish line!



'Power of Leadership Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"

'Power of Leadership Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"

What’s Your Battle Cry?


What is it that makes some people rise to the top and become unstoppable – while others sit on the sidelines, nod their heads in agreement to the ‘lets get things done’ battle cry- only to allow others to DO what needs to be done?

Is this idea of acheiving goals and being successful really only saved for those who have some sort of genetic hard wiring for success – or can anyone adopt this ability to become unstoppable?

This week I witnessed an amazing coming together of a group of people who truly had a singleness of purpose, a singleness of heart, mind and action.  Fifty people met in the wee hours of the morning to support one another and help build each others business by giving to one another.  Enter the room before the official ‘meeting’ started and you heard polite, casual conversation. Then it was time for the meeting to start- and the one who was leading the meeting engaged all to particpate in answering a simple question. In an instant  the whole room became electrifying as the whole group of people joyfully, emphatically and robustly responded with their one word repsonse… in this case it was the action of saying the name of this group of people.

What I witnessed was amazing – and the wonderment was not the one word they spoke.  It was HOW they spoke it! Empassioned, full of focus, full of belief, full of intention – it was their BATTLECRY! 

The coming together of such diverse professionals who gave whole heartedly of themselves to the dedication and support of the intention of producing real results for one another was fantastic to see.  For me it was an affirmation that when one truly is willing to take on a personal battlecry – and give it their all- no matter what the cost- the reward is great.

The other reason I got the goosebumps when I heard their level of engagement – is that only a year before, when I, as their fearless leader stood before them each week to lead, teach, motivate and inspire this diverse group of professionals on HOW they could achieve great results for each other- they all but threw me out the door!   They did NOT like what I told them at times, they did not understand why it was important for me, as their leader, to hold firm to decisions and actions that may have seemed unreasonable. 

Now they truly appreciate the ability the strength in the foundation we laid out for them to build upon, the consistency of solid leadership brought forth each week, and the understanding that with the right supportive team around them-every person can rise to the top.

They learned how to take what seemed like unreasonable requests and turn them into the setting of what looks like unreasonable goals – and knowing that with a personal willingness to set aside all excuses- and do what ever it takes to ACHIEVE those goals- anyone can become unstoppable!

Are you ready to take on your own Battlecry?  What does it sound like?  Is it focused and full of conviction to the end that you are willing to do what ever it takes to acheive the successes you want? Or does your battle cry sound hollow, empty, full of doubt and ready to be thrown out to the next wind of doctrine that comes your way?

Are you willing to take the actions you need to get things done- even if they may look unsurmountable at first? Are you ready to change your perception and your attitude about what you can and cannot do?

Remember- for century’s – legions of people came together as a way of life- and lived their lives with passion and a battlecry for victory.  They pushed through the most extreme of circumstances to pave the way for what you and I have 0pportunity to do today.  Take on the battlecry of success and go forth my friend.  Find yourself good company and trusted advisors and a support team that will help you reach your goals, your dreams, your vision – no matter what it takes.

Debbra Sweet