Moving people to change is more than just inspiration. It’s more than just motivation. It’s the ability to connect with a person and engage them to make a commitment to themselves to follow through on their desire.

I have been called “A People Mover” by many. Others say “She’s the Mouth that Moves You!”.  My passion and specialty is to move people to take action to get lasting results in their life.

Debbra Sweet speaking

Speaking on topics of leadership, marketing,  sales and wellness, I make them easy for you to understand and apply in business and your personal life. Not one to let people sit quietly on the sidelines, my unique and visionary approach easily, safely and comfortably draws audiences in from the beginning and keeps them engaged until the end.  The extensive knowledge I have in leadership, marketing, sales and wellness makes these topics easy for audiences to understand and go forth with the ability to apply right away what they have just learned.

Over the years I have spoken to intimate groups of with as few as 5 people to having the privilege of speaking at international conferences in front of 1000’s of attendees.   The stage has always felt like home for me, but the real joy I receive from speaking is in the stories and sharing I hear from those who sit in the audience after they’ve applied what they learn.

Here’s a quick overview of  my speaking topics:

• Marketing

Debbra Sweet specializes in working with business owners and executives. She helps them increase their bottom-line through planned, targeted, effective marketing.

Her personal passion of “showing people there’s a better way to produce results” in marketing their business lays the foundation for the inspiring and motivating topics she speaks, writes and teaches on. Marketing Topics List

• Business

Always focusing on an end result, Debbra Sweet helps to streamline the vastness of marketing, sales and leadership so business owners can be comfortably involved when they are working towards achieving business growth goals.

Her unique blend of understanding business systems, a great sense of value in client relationships and endless creativity are key elements that Debbra Sweet uses to deliver value packed information to business owners and executives around the country. Business Topics List

• Sales

Sales and Marketing are two of the most important cornerstones of every successful business- yet for most entrepreneurs, the importance of these areas are the least understood.

Many people think that because they know how to do a service well, that people will flock to their doors. The old analogy of “build it and they will come” doesn’t ring true for today’s business owner. Find out the secrets of business success and how planning for sales and marketing is the golden key.
Sales Topics List

• Leadership

Leadership encompasses all facets of life and business. Innovative, creative, interactive and dynamic, entrepreneur Debbra Sweet LIVES ACTION LEADERSHIP.

Always aware that every encounter, conversation, decision, transaction and point of communication produces results with others, now and in the future, is the essence of action leadership. Leadership Topics List

• Health & Wellness

Leadership encompasses all facets of life and business. Health and Wellness are two areas of a leader’s life that should never be sacrificed. A leader must be of strong body and sound of mind in order to be their best at leading others.

Being healthy and well are the two primary cornerstones upon which a leader must build his or her empire. Health & Wellness Topics List

To find out more or if you are interested in having me speak for your company, school or organization, visit my site to see details of the topics I speak on.  http://www.DebbraSweet.com

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