Why talk about marketing on a blog whose main focus is on leadership? 

That’s a great question.

The best leaders understand that in order to lead others effectively, they need to know how to market effectively. 

Marketing is about being able to clearly communicate, motivate, and connect with, to stay in touch with and to build the trust relationship that sparks the desire to want to follow you.   Leaders understand their role is to at times create the vision that is needed to help others rise up. To share this vision, to engage others, to really be a leader who others follow and who gets results, your ability to market your ideas is a cornerstone to your success.

It goes the other way too.  If you are going to be truly successful in your marketing, you will inevitably come to a point where you will need to become a better leader.  

You will need to lead yourself in your business. You need to lead yourself with your clients and prospects.  Sometimes you need to be a leader to help build the credibility that comes with prospects making a decision to choose your company over the next.  If you have staff, you will need to be a leader over them to help them grow and allow them the chance to give to your business.

There is the potential to really become a leader in your industry. You’ll need the fortitude, conviction, courage and patience to walk forth boldly in new areas to better serve your community and clients. If this is a part of your business, your passion, your vision and your life- then there will come a time when you will want to be a leader in your marketing in order to help avoid the pitfalls, heartaches and costly mistakes that can come along with marketing.

If you are in business (whether new or established) and want to work with a company who has a history of strong leadership and effective results for marketing with their clients, Sweet Marketing Solutions may be a resource for you to work with.


Businesses come to Sweet Marketing Solutions when they want to become more profitable through a better niche marketing system.

 Why work with Sweet Marketing Solutions?With over 25 years in practical development and implementation of a variety of marketing, advertising and promotions, I founded Sweet Marketing Solutions to help businesses get better results from their marketing.

In my early years, my focus was selling. For many of the companies I worked at – from mom & pop companies through the big corporations, all too often it seemed that in order for me to be able to do a good job at selling, these companies needed a lot of help first in their marketing, advertising and promotions.  Being a leader – it often fell on my shoulders as the ‘go to person’ to get that part of the job done first.  Through the years it was clear that many businesses need help in this area.

My personal background and experience enables me to lead a staff of top rated experts in their own creative niche. Together, creativity flows and your ideas become real.

Experience the difference…

Traditional agency’s often get caught up in the ‘creative’ and sometimes overlook ‘effective’ when it comes to developing advertising campaigns. Our passion lies within producing marketing, advertising and promotions that not only capture the essence of your business – but more importantly help you connect with your intended audience to produce a direct result.

The creative team at Sweet Marketing Solutions understands that there is a difference between image advertising, direct response marketing, experiential marketing, promotions …and more. Basically, there are many ways to reach your audience and at Sweet Marketing Solutions we create campaigns that will help you connect with the right target at the right time.

With each client we develop a look, feel and message that is the right fit for their business. We work with people in business who want to create a unique image in the market and attract the right prospects. By focusing in on your needs and the needs of your customers, we brand your company with the image and message best suited to help you fit with your customers to achieve results for you.

Need a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan for your company? Get details here:

Looking for results and new affordable, effective marketing ideas you can use now? Contact me and we’ll look at options for your business and budget.

Are you a  start up or young woman business owner who with a ‘Do It Yourself’ type personality – and you want to really understand what you need to do for making your marketing work? Check out:

Know a roofer who need help getting jobs year round?  For the younger company or the guy who is off the roof and really wants to build the business, refer them to:

For the Contractor or Specialty Tradesmen that never had to market before – if you are ready for learning how to get jobs with low cost, effective marketing, check out:

Want someone to assist you with your online marketing and online social networking? Ask about our Web Marketing Done For You program.

My company offers unique solutions as we were not afraid to step out side of the box and become a leader in some unique marketing approaches.  Not sure where to start?  Just email me or fill out the contact form at: I’ll follow up with you right away and we’ll talk about what is best for you.

I look forward to working with you and your company to help you truly become the best you can be.


Debbra Sweet

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