The Balancing Act- Part 3

Tilling the Soil

Tilling the Soil

In creating a life that is more than abundant, the first step is to understand what is available. It may take a bit of research and intentional focus to know for sure what is available but the search is worth the results.  Once you’ve defined clearly what is available for you to receive in your life, the next step to achieving it is to know how to get it.

Preparing Your Field

Just as a farmer prepares as field to grow a new crop, we must prepare our field to receive abundance. In farming,  there’s a process of tilling the soil (digging up the ground to turn the old soil on the surface), removing the weeds,  fertilizing the ground for new growth (adding healthy nutrients back into the soil)- planning how to lay out the new crops (visualizing) then tending to and harvesting the new growth when ready. This analogy is a great one to understand as it’s an easy parallel to our understanding of manifesting greatness in our own lives.

Knowing how to receive abundance takes practice to undo unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. It doesn’t happen overnight so patience is needed. You need to understand that where you are in your life today- didn’t happen overnight.  It may not turn 360 degrees over night either.  However, you can take big steps forward in creating new habits and thought patterns that will manifest into the abundant life you want. The more you practice and implement new healthy habits, the sooner you’ll see results.

Much research has been done to conclude that the cells in our body contain memory.  Science has also proven that over the course of 7 years, your body- every single cell- in your body can be brand new.  (If you didn’t know that before- now you do- it’s available.) This is important to understand so you can see the difference between just ‘lightly giving something a try’ versus ‘intentionally creating new habits and thought patterns’ to create results and the life you want.  This element of cellular memory is a huge eye opener to many people.  Keep checking back to read on and discover why.

In learning how to receive the things in your life that you want you need to notice first what you need to get rid of.  A farmer tills the soil to get rid of the old, nutrient deficient soil from the top of the ground- and bring to the surface soil that has more nutrients in it. A common trait most people have is to hold onto things.  We collect, we store, we keep, we gather – we add to what we already have. 

This act in and of itself is not bad.  Where this can effect our life however, is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why. (We hold onto the old without ever tilling it to replace it with new.)  There’s another level also that affects our ability to manifest abundance in our life:  sometimes the things we want to hold onto have intense emotions attached to it that are unknowingly directing your life today.

A hidden secret in creating a life of abundance has to do with balance.  It’s been scientifically proven through quantum physics that on the smallest level, the molecular level, every single cell moves and while moving, has life energy.  Life is constantly in motion.  There are times when ‘blockages’ can occur.  Cells get stuck and cause stagnation.  To another extreme, when cells get out of harmony- out of balance – when there is too much attraction in any one direction- the results can be catastrophic. Optimal health and life energy is the evidence that cells are in balance.  Disease and death result when cells become blocked, are out of balance and become stagnant for too long.

Remember before when I spoke of cellular memory in your body?  Your cells hold onto memory, both good and bad.  If you want abundance, peace, happiness, less stress, increased finances, friends- etc, but you have been living a life up to today that has been with lack, stress, no peace, depression and you feel alone- your mind, your body and your cells have that kind of negative memory imprinted on them. 

There is much information available right now as to the law of attraction and how, on a cellular level, negative vibration (movement) in your life- physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and physiologically, will continue to attract like kind- negativity. If you’ve been living a life that has a negative overtone and you want to change- you have to be willing to let go. Let go of emotions, let go of the guilt, hate, fear, frustration, and even a belief of a low self esteem. In the letting go- you may have to let go of friends and physical things too- because attached to them are emotions.

Emotions play a very deep role in how our body imprints its cellular memory. This cellular memory creates the vibrations that will either attract or repel abundance opportunities.  If your cellular vibration is always negative, you will continue to attract more negativity in your life. It may not be consciously intentional, but it manifests a negative reality.  When you can get rid of the cellular memory of negativity and allow new memory to be imprinted in new, healthy cells, you create an opportunity for positive attraction to occur.

I mentioned early on that when learning how to receive the things in your life, you need to notice first what you need to get rid of- and then you need to  know how to receive. When we collect, store, keep, gather and add to what we already have, we can unintentionally create blockages and stagnation by surrounding ourselves with unbalance.  Remember, where we effect our life is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why.  

I encourage you to start to take inventory of those ‘things’ you hold onto that you have not used or make you feel uncomfortable when you see it – and why.   The beginning of personal prosperity and abundance starts with this action. Check back soon to find out what to do next to create an abundant pathway in your life.

 Here’s to living a prospersous and abundant day!

Debbra Sweet


The Balancing Act- Part 2

All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Once you determine what areas you want abundance and prosperity in,  it’s time to fine tune the details as to what is really available.

This takes a little practice and it takes clarity. Sometimes it takes research and it can even include the need to be patient.

In a day of the desire for instant gratification, most people think abundance and prosperity first resides in having material things. Material things are nice- but in the long run, they are just that, material things.   Don’t misinterpret here. There is nothing wrong with having material things unless they predominate your thinking. (A predominance of thought in any one area creates a lack of balance. This is thinking that is out of alignment with principles that allow for true abundance.)

Material things are easy to work with though when starting the habit of specificity.  Being specific in your vision for what you want to be abundant in your life is important.  It creates a goal, a clearly outlined intention.  For example, to attract material abundance and prosperity, if you decide you want a 10 foot tall purple cow for your front yard (remember, this is just an example)-  there is a possibility that it isn’t sitting for you on a shelf at the local store.  A unique desire like that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it- it means that it may not materialize right away in your life.  You may not be able to have it today- but the resources are plentiful and available to have something like this made just for you. You set your vision of it, and then you take an action to receive it.

Here’s another example.  It’s common knowledge that commercial airplanes have thousands of flights around the world each day. To fly across the globe is very available.  If you want to take a public commercial airplane ride to Venice at 8:15 am but there are no public, commercial flights leaving your area at that time, this specific option is not available.   However, you could have abundant thinking and charter a private jet to leave at 8:15 for Venice if you can cover the cost for it.  That is available.  You find out what is and what is not available, then you take action.

When creating an intentional life of prosperity and abundance, you do need to have knowledge of what is and what isn’t available.  Here’s an example of something many people wish for and pray for. They quest for peace on earth. It’s a noble quest- however, according to the Bible, (verified as the world’s oldest record of  current mankind and historical promises on record of what has come to pass and what still will happen)- peace on earth, is not available.

What is promoted year after year during the Winter Holidays is the phrase “Peace on Earth and towards men, goodwill”.   This is a great sentiment- but do you really know where that phrase came from? In the Bible, in Luke, it is talking about the announcement of the birth of Jesus.

The angels are talking to the shepherds and they say in chapter 2, verse 14 “Glory to God in the highest- and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men.” (This is from the Original King James version- the first printing of the Bible in English- so it has the least amount of translational changes from the Aramaic and Greek into English). 

This verse does not say “Peace on Earth” it is “on earth, peace” and the next part clarifies how and to whom the peace is available.  It says: “goodwill toward men.”  When you go back and research the original text, (from the Greek and Aramaic) that statement of goodwill toward men actually reads: [from God] among [favored] men. (All historic text states “among men of good pleasure”). This means, men who are doing the will of God, will find peace within. 

There is often a translational misunderstanding here- and as we relate it to today’s use of English- this means: “Glory to God, on earth, peace in men who do God’s will”- it’s an inner peace of oneself-not global peace of everyone on earth at the same time.  If you read more of the Bible, you’ll actually see that it states that global peace is not something that is available during this heaven and earth’s life cycle.

The point being here- if we look at peace as something that you desire to be abundant in your life- it is available as inner peace in your life.  Global peace is not. You can have peace in your life because you now know it’s available.  You just need to know the actions now to get that inner peace.

To wrap up this part of the Balancing Act as it relates to prosperity and abundance in your life:  you need to have a balance in your knowledge of what type of prosperity and abundance is and is not available.

The universe revolves around balance.  Start to declare for yourself what type of abundance you desire in your life.  Declare what kind of porsperity you desire.  Are you looking for abundance and prosperity in health, finances, relationships, work, rest, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance or even material abundance? 

Decide what part(s) of abundance and prosperity you want to become prevalent in your life.

Once you decide, consider your thoughts about your choices.

Are you thinking abundantly about it- or do you have a mindset of scarcity about them? When clarifying your vision for manifesting that prosperous, abundant resource, are you clear that it’s readily available – or is your energy focused on something that can’t happen right now?

 Remember- if you do not know how to start to identify what type of abundance and prosperity you want in your life, look at people around you who you admire and respect. Can they be a mentor or teacher to show you opportunity that you might not be able to see for yourself?

Abundant living is a reality. The universe is full of prosperity and resources.  You deserve an abundant life!  You deserve prosperity in all areas of your life. The first step to getting there is to know what’s available.

Stay tuned to find out what the next step is.

Have an abundantly blessed day,

Debbra Sweet

Discover the Importance of Core Values in Producing Results You Want

What your core values are determines where your wealth will be.  Wealth is personal and it means something different to every person. Your perspective of wealth could be in your business, your relationships, your family, finances, your spirituality, free time, vacation time, the opportunity for further education and learning and even your physical health.

Core values are part of the underlying thought process that leads us to communicate in a certain way. They cause you to act, react or focus on aspects of your life and business that are most important to you. They are the deeply rooted, subconscious thought processes that run as a filter or a sounding board for your own personal outcomes.

What is a value system? How do we know what they are? How do you identify them?

Values relate to what is most important to YOU- not an injection of beliefs of what other people think you should be like or doing.

Listen in to on Tuesday, August 26th from2-3 pm PT and hear expert Chaney Weiner discuss in depth the importance of how alignment of your core values produces wealth in all areas of your life.

Chaney Weiner is an inspirational and transformational speaker and Founder of the Wealth Mastery Success Program. His knowledge and experience consists of 20 years of work and study from various disciplines to include fitness, psychology, communication, physiology, and neuroscience, and how to apply these disciplines into every day life in order to live an inspired and magnificent life.

Chaney shows and inspires people worldwide on how to achieve wealth in each of the 7 areas of life by discovering their own uniqueness based on what is most important to them while reducing any fear they may have so they can live a magnificent and extraordinary life filled with passion and purpose. 

Host Debbra Sweet and Chaney share valueable insights and reveal results producing wisdom that you can apply in your life today- to get new results tomorrow.

Tune in and enjoy the change you become!

Debbra Sweet, Your host at Power of Leadership Radio.

Power of Leadership

Power of Leadership

The Balancing Act – Part 1



One of the first steps in creating a life of prosperity and abundance is the ability to identify what is available for you to receive. The universe is full of prosperity. It is full of abundance. It’s an infinite resource that never ends. It’s ongoing and available for us to receive.

 For anything to function effectively there needs to be some kind of structure. There are laws that govern our universe called Universal Laws. These laws apply to everything, everywhere at all times in our universe. These laws enable our universe to function in an orderly fashion. Without these laws there would be chaos in the  universe.

By studying, understanding, cooperating, and applying these Universal Laws in our daily lives we can lead the most successful, fulfilling, and abundant, joyful, prosperous and healthy life possible.

The law of prosperity and abundance does indeed supply every possible need. It’s a law that applies to everyone. You have but to look around you and see the abundance. This however, is where opportunity presents itself for one to grow in understanding.

Although the universe is filled with abundance and opportunity for prosperity, it is you who must accept the prosperity and abundance – and there are some principles to discern and understand to fully manifest them in your life.

To manifest prosperity and abundance, one distinction to be clear about is the thinking process that is running your life. Are you creating a life that is based upon prosperity and abundance thinking- or upon a scarcity mindset?

There is a universal law called The Law of Attraction. What you think about the most, you will attract into your life. The majority of the people in the world tend to run on a mindset of scarcity.  It’s a mindset based upon a belief of limitations, rigidity, comfortable routines, and often the impressions of other people’s negative beliefs that feed into ones own thinking.

This scarcity mindset is strong and prevalent. You see it in reality every time you turn on the news, read most newspapers and you can hear it in most people’s conversations. From our own words it can sound like “I can’t, I won’t, it’s no use, that’s too hard”.  The news propounds scarcity thinking by talking about ‘how awful the economy is, the horrific things that people did that day, the newest disease, sickness or other destructive force that happened that week’- and much more.

These are the thoughts and conversations that turn into tabloid sensations and perpetuate the scarcity mindset circle. When you hear it one day, it becomes idle chatter and water cooler gossip the next! Some people live their whole lives around the news of others. The sensationalism of such stories is hard to resist- but resist is what you must do – if you truly want abundance and prosperity in your life.

The problem with having your thoughts running on scarcity thinking for so long– is that those thoughts and beliefs are comfortable and at home in your conscious and subconscious mind. They’re like a favorite pair of worn in sweats or slippers. When you slip into them you just say ‘aahhh’! It feels good- its familiar…it’s safe.

When you decide to change your thinking – you will begin to shift your belief system. It may not be comfortable or familiar territory but it is very rewarding when you achieve. Where you want to manifest prosperity and abundance, you need to undo what has already been programmed in your thinking. You need to undo scarcity thinking.

To do this, it starts with making the decision to change. Then, you follow it up with action. Part of the action you need to take to begin manifesting abundance is to identify what new information you need in order to ‘reprogram’ your thinking.

One element in understanding how to live abundantly is to know what is available. Are you looking for prosperity in health, finances, relationships, work, rest, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance or even material abundance? This is the easy part.

Most of these elements that people equate to abundant living can be seen around us. All you have to do is look. Once you determine what areas you want abundance in, then you can fine tune the details as to what is really available. This is the first step.  Prosperity is yours to receive- jut follow the path it leads to you. 

Stay tuned and have a prosperous day!

Debbra Sweet

It Takes a Step

Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Recently I wrote about the power of your thoughts and the abundance that is still available to all.  After receiving some comments about my blog, I thought it would be good to elaborate a bit more.

 When you begin to understand the inherent power in the choices we make, you can begin to change your life.  Each choice you make is either a step in a direction that you want to go in your life, or each choice is a step in a direction that will lead you away from where you want to go. If you can adopt one new piece of information and really work to embrace it- it’s this:  you do have the power to choose to control your thoughts and input.

The second thing to understand is that after you have made a choice you have to take action.  A choice without action is just a thought.  It’s a wish. It’s a moment of time that has passed by.  There is inherent power in knowing you can take control of your thoughts.  The kinetic power though, comes from action!  You have to take a first step to follow up that choice.

This is an understanding that each one of us, if we really want to be in control of how our lives turn out, needs to come to study.  I say study because we cannot make a permanent change in all our habits overnight.  You can make the choice to change a habit as easy as you turn on a light switch.  There can be permanence in that thought- and if you back it up with a commitment, a personal conviction to uphold that choice- then you have made a change in that habit.   Knowing this, I bring back the statement of studying ourselves.

Each day we have thousands of ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings that run through us.  Some we are consciously aware of. Others we are not. As I mentioned in the blog, The Art of Making Money yesterday, our thoughts are a collective results of everything we’ve ever been exposed to.

Like I stated before, if you are running on fear right now- then your focus is on what you don’t have.  Shift that focus onto what you do haveand change your input. Get rid of the fear, and focus- and you may even have to get rid of people in your life that are toxic to your thinking.  That’s not always easy.

 When people want to improve their lives, often those around them can be the worst offenders of toxic support. (Many people secretly and silently want you to fail. It’s easier for them to see you fail and say “I told you so” then for those same people have to face their own reality of what they’ve created in their lives.)  If you have reached a point where you want to change- congratulations!  You’ve made a choice… a great choice.  You didn’t get to where you are overnight, and it may take some time to get to where you want to be.  Remember this though:  for as many people who want you to secretly fail, there are many others out there who will be your best supporter!!  All you have to do is look for them.

 There’s a saying, “When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear”.  Who is a teacher in your life? Take a look at those who are living the way you want to.  They could possibly be your teachers/mentors.  (Sometmes your mentors can actually come in the form of a book!!)

I have also spoken of needing to see things as you want them to be.  When our lives are filled with stress, frustration, disappointment and fear, we may have temporarily lost the ability to have vision for ourselves. If you have, it’s ok. It’s like a dimmer on a light switch. Humans think and process in pictures. You still have the ability to dream and create a vision-however, in times when you’re simply ‘surviving’ your vision light switch is simply on ‘dim’. 

If you are walking without a vision, but you’ve got the desire to start making choices and bring into your life the abundance of resources that will bless you- here’s a way to get your vision coming back.

1) Take a look again at those people who have what you want.  Can they be a teacher, a mentor, or someone to look at so you can begin to see yourself owning, obtaining what they have? (By the way- this is NOT the ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome!  It’s simply using their physical things to impress into your thinking what you could have. It’s like having the opportunity to physically ‘see a picture’ of something in your own mind.)   

 2) Simply find a photo/picture of what you want and put it somewhere that you can reference it everyday. 

 When envisioning change in your life, you do need to create the mind pictures, and you do need to include yourself with them.  It is a new habit. It does take practice.  You may stumble now and again. That’s ok. When that happens, pick yourself back up and start again.  You’ve made the choice to make a change.  Today, walk forward with ONE STEP to support that change.  When you achieve it, you’ve just created a “Win” in your life!  That’s the way to start to create the abundance you deserve.

 If you are ready to take a step and want to have a handful of mentors who can help you find the inner strength to lead your self for getting better results in your life, check out:

 Have a blessed day,


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Your Guide to Repairing the Reprobate Mind

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Repairing the Reprobate Mind is an in depth study on what to do, why to do it, and HOW to get back to living a life led by God.

I encourage you to share this book with those you know who have strayed and struggled. This book has step by step information to help them truly transform their life so they too can walk again in God’s grace and receive the fullness of His eternal blessings!

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May you have a blessed and peaceful evening!

Debbra Sweet