Power of Leadership Radio: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today through a dynamic environment for sharing real world experience and pearls of wisdom with great leaders of today. We are bringing generations of leaders together on air to address the need for Powerful, Effective Leadership in this ever changing global environment.

Taking all facets of leadership and infusing it with real time experiences and “street smart” leadership, our mission and goal is inspiring audiences across the world to reach new heights. The Power of Leadership Radio show is changing people’s lives and creating new found passion for effectiveness as a leader.

About Debbra Sweet, your host of The Power of Leadership Radio Show:

Debbra Sweet, Host of “Power of Leadership Radio”

Innovative, creative, interactive and dynamic author and entrepreneur Debbra Sweet speaks on topics of leadership, marketing and sales that most professionals find difficult to understand. Not one to let people sit quietly on the sidelines, her unique and visionary approach easily, safely and comfortably draws audiences in from the beginning and keeps them engaged until the end.

Stepping into the leadership role at a very young age, her extensive knowledge and real life experiences make these topics easy for audiences to understand and relate to. When Debbra Sweet enters a room, she fills it with a striking amount of passion, confidence and visionary ideas on how to help others achieve better results in their lives and business.

Described as a “People Mover”, Debbra motivates, moves, and influences her audiences to act towards their life intentions through workshops, presentations, radio and her books. She gives basic but profound insights regarding leadership in business, leadership in our personal lives, and most importantly finding the leaders within ourselves. Seeing potential in everyone she interacts with she makes herself available as a conduit to help turn people’s potential into reality.

Hear archives of the show here:

Stay tuned for the re-launch of Power of Leadership Radio in 2015.

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