Ego vs. Authentic Leadership Debbra Sweet Speaking Live

Leaders must be humble and remove ego in their leadership role in order to be an authentic leader.

Here is a short snippetof a powerful presentation I did at an international conference for world leaders.

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Debbra Sweet

Life Lessons

Life always creates opportunities for us to relive situations until we learn the lesson we’re supposed to.  Life is patient. It will keep bringing that same set of circumstances to pass until we decide to learn from them. Then.. life shows us something new to learn!

The ones who are truly humble, and willing to look at themselves squarely in the eye and ask “What is this about? Why does this keep happening? Where is all this coming from? and.. “What can I do to change this?” are the one’s who truly will be successful.

It’s not about trying to be perfect. No one is. It’s about trying to perfect our willingness to set our ego aside and speak honestly in all cases- even if it is hard to do- that is the biggest lesson of all.  A true leader understands this and actively looks to set the ego aside for the opportunity to continually learn and grow.

As a leader, are you listening to the lessons that are showing up in your world? Is your ego getting in the way- or are you willing to set it aside?  Remember, it is not the BIG Ego that is the problem.  It is the small, still, quiet ego that protects the deepest part of our being that is the one to watch out for.  This is the one that can ‘show up’ in ways that appear at a glance to be genuine, honest, ethical and humble.  Question yourself and ask what really is at the core of your inner being.

You may be surprised to find that your inner ego is working very hard to cover up, hide, dismiss, and keep hidden away vulnerabilities, frailties, and often times.. lies based on fuzzy ‘filters’ of perception.

These filters often mask the very things that could be your most powerful, genuine, authentic essence. Until you are willing to rip off the mask of the ego and look at those filters, face your vulnerabilities- you will never know the fullness of the human being you have the potential to be.

Here’s to taking that step and remove those filters so you CAN become the very best!

Debbra Sweet