Ethical Marketing- A topic for San Diego Radio Air Waves?

Last night I was talking to someone about the possibility of being back on San Diego radio as a co-host on a radio show. The topic of conversation about the purpose of the show is very interesting, and it has me thinking about the timing of this opportunity.

The host of the show is an advocate for people in the area of finance. He’s not a financial planner like many radio shows hosts are.  Instead, what he does is he works for people and he stands up for their rights to be treated fair and ethically when it comes to many areas of their money, income, finance, business and credit.

When we were talking about how I can possibly be a fit as a co-host of the show, we were looking at the different types of businesses that I do and the areas of expertise I offer.

The two key parts that I thought could be a fit if I were to go back on air would be in the areas:  of marketing and leadership.

Over the years, I have said often that sometimes my ethics and my morality(as two of my core values) are so strong that it actually  causes me to lose potential business opportunities.  We’ve kind of chuckled about this,  shrugged our shoulders,  then quickly dismissed the thought of being anything other than ethical or having integrity in our business practices. Those two core values are simply part of who I am and how I am hardwired.  And it’s also reflected in all of the people that are part of the teams in my businesses.

For me the interesting side of the timing of this show host coming to me is that only, about three weeks ago, I was doing research looking to see if consumers or business owners were actually interested in an ethical marketing or in working with,  ethical leadership and business.

This research was prompted by a couple of weeks worth of phone calls to business owners at the end of this last year and early in the new year.  We talked to a large amount of businesses.  They were very interested in wanting to do marketing with us, especially online marketing, which is one of our specialties. But the common theme that kept being told to us was that “they were afraid to try anything new, because they had gotten burned by everyone else that came along”.

Over the last year, another thing that I had been seeing way too often with clients and potential clients were marketing contracts that were unbelievably vague and expensive. The companies  that were to provide the services simply would never be able to follow through, nor did they! Those so called ‘experts’ just took these business owners money and were o.k. with doing little to no work for it.

I helped many companies get out of costly contracts so that they could have cash flow to work with our company.  That’s really not part of my job. It’s just my heart.  By doing this, then they have funds for us to  provide them honest ethical, and most importantly effective marketing that actually help them make money.

So the tie-in to the possibility of being on the show is the perspective that evidently- as a marketing firm-Sweet Marketing Solutions has positioned itself to be more than just an integrated marketing company. We are in essence, an advocate for business owners in the area of marketing.

We always have been this way.  I can see from this perspective that what we advocate is ethicality in marketing and honest business practices. When we take on a client, if not for the short term.  It is for the long haul. We genuinely care and take a vested interest in our clients’ success. We don’t over promise but we do our best to over deliver.  In fact,  I’m pretty clear that it is one of the reasons most of our clients stay with us for so long.

I’m not afraid to have difficult conversations.  Sometimes I have to tell them (my clients and prospects) what they may not want to hear – but what’s in their best interest to hear about their ideas for marketing and promoting a business. These types of conversation- eye to eye, heart to heart- business owner to business owner- are part of what makes us different.  We’re real. We’re grounded.  We do what we say we are going to do. What we say we’re going to do- we can (and do) deliver.

So the big question on the table is:  if I go on the radio is ethical marketing or marketing that comes from ethical and value-based and integrity-based perspectives is that something that listeners in the San Diego area really wanted know about?

Is their pain point with spending wasted money on marketing enough?

Are they ready to find out what it’s like – to work with the company, who will deliver what it says and will work with an honest budget?

Personally, I like to believe that yes, there are many companies out there who would like this type of attention and care to help them grow their business. But I’m smart enough to know that before you can have an ethical business you have to have an ethical person who is involved in the decision-making process.

And that my friends’ is the subject for another day…

Debbra Sweet

The Untold Truth… A Secret Source of Avoiding Disease and Achieving Weight loss

Today I’ll share another insight on how to get your body back into balance, compliment the program I wrote about yesterday to achieve weight loss and even eliminate the following symptoms:

Allergies, arthritis, asthma, bad breath, constipation, Depression, fatigue, headaches, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, indigestion, insomnia, nervousness, obesity parasites, prostate problems, rash, sinus congestion, skin problems,  and even Varicose veins.

If you have experienced any of those and and want to discover the Untold Truth… A Secret Source of on.   (Disclaimer.. this may get yucky for some people- but knowing this could save your life.)

Most of the food in the American diet, has a high amount of white flour and sugar, it is very hard to digest. Much of the impacted colon beer belly food that is sold in stores or made at restaurants, which we call convenient food, also has a lot of chemicals and preservatives.

Inside the body, these chemicals preservatives, white flour and sugar become glue.  When they get wet with something as simple as water, it turns to a gluey substance that sticks to the insides of our intestinal system.  The intestinal system is very important because it helps to take nutrients from the food and pass it into the blood stream to feed our body the fuel it needs.

When we have consumed too much white flour, sugar chemicals and processed foods, the path ways that are inside the small intestine and colon get blocked. The passage ways that transfer cellular fuel from our digested food are clogged with this gooey mess-and we get plugged up. Nothing moves.  We do not get the nutrition we need. The nutrition from the food cannot pass through the blockage and into the blood stream.  This is part of why people feel hungry.  Even after they just eat a huge meal.

Another thing that happens inside of the intestinal system is that when too much of this white flour glue sticks to our insides, it’s stickiness attracts more white flour sugar-based chemical preservative type food.  All of a sudden, you’ll start to have layers of the sticky gluey stuff ferment inside of your intestinal system.

Add to that sticky gluey mass undigested meat, fruit that rots if it’s not completely broken down, highly acidic and chemical ridden drinks such as: coffee filled with creamers, sweeteners and other artificial flavors, energy drinks, and sometimes even vitamins that get stuck in the gluey mass. Now you have is called an impacted colon.

Did you know that there have been autopsies on people who have died from complications of an impacted colon? Some colons gets so impacted that they can weigh 30 and 40 and even 50 pounds! That’s a lot of poop to be carrying around in your belly.  A healthy colon should weigh only about 4 pounds! (Think about all the people you know, who pat their belly and say they have “a steak and potato belly” – or better yet… ‘beer belly’ .   Those are the bellies that when you pat on the don’t jiggle the pretty solid.  The fact is, they probably are steak and potato bellies… steak and potatoes that never left the colon!)

Impacted colons ferment and are the cause of many diseases and symptoms listed above!

For optimal health, each person should be having one healthy bowel movement a day for each full meal they consume.  So if you eat three meals a day you should have a least three bowel movements a day.

Most Americans are shocked to hear that!   In fact, they think having one bowel movement every couple days is normal.  When it comes to weight loss and optimal health and impacted colon can cause a lot of problems.

So one of the tips that I recommend to my clients are to do colon cleanses at least twice a year.  In fact, it is always healthy to have non-chemical intestinal support herbs available for those times when you’re bowel movements become a regular. There is a special one if you eat red meat and another if you have more fish, turkey, or are vegetarian.

Also- most people who may have a ‘movement’ a day- can still be constipated. Your movements should be firm, fluffy and floaty.  If they sink (and stink)– you do no have enough healthy fiber. If they are too runny and wet- you do not have enough bulk.

For people who have a sensitive colon and inconsistent bowel movements, meaning: your cycle is the ‘little ploop, ploop, ploopers (kind of like grapes) one day, then solid the next time, and runny right after that- you need to be careful to cleanse with a gentle bulking cleanse. There are two I recommend. One is flavored apple cinnamon. The other is a berry flavor.

The colon is a muscle and it can be trained to work correctly- even if you are not having the type of movements or frequency you should.  I realize this is a sensitive subject – so if you want to chat privately to get more insight and guidance on how to get ‘moving’- contact me.

During my injury, my intestinal system shut down. Literally.  For a while there I was only having a movement about once a week to week and a half. Not fun. I was able to regain my colon health completely naturally – and still have a strong healthy colon today.  Pooping is important. It’s good for you- and when it comes to gaining health, vitality (and yes, even weight loss)- this is an area to take care of.

Another key to success for weight loss and gaining vitality is to make sure you drink enough plain water each day.  The body is 75% water, and if we do not drink enough plain water everyday we can actually start to slow down our metabolism and retain the water we have.  (Coffee tea soda juice, adult beverages are not water.)  Water is water-  and the body understands that. You can actually drink a lot of liquids and still be dehydrated.

Another success tip is to make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each day.  The body needs to go back into a repair mode, and it does that when sleeping.

To recap the leadership health learning lesson today:

l.  Cleanse out the old garbage and impacted food

2.  Start to give yourself new nutritionally dense food

3.  Eat these smaller meals every 2-3 hours. ( Goal: at least 6 meals a day- include lean and green food)

4. Supplement with high quality supplements because the food that we eat does not bring with it the nutrition it once did.

5. Get a health coach– someone to help you through the changes and be a champion for your success.

6. Drink ½ your body weight in pure water each day

7. Sleep for at least 7 hours each night

Bonus: After a couple weeks on a new food intake program, introduce movement, (exercise) to help pick up your metabolism and add lean muscle.

Here’s to getting you MOVING for health!

Debbra Sweet

How I Lost 33 lbs of fat and have kept it off- part 1

In response to my posts and questions about how I lost weight and have kept it off, I will do my best to share what I’ve learned over the years. Part of what I am sharing, you may have heard before. Other parts of what I share may be new to you.  Being someone who has struggled with weight issues my whole life; I am pleased to share what I have learned and what I do to keep an optimal shape for health and vitality.


The first thing to understand for short term and long term success is that small changes that are done consistently, and with support of others, produce better results for long-term success.

The big picture basics for losing weight are here:

One: consume less calories each day.

Two: for most people, reducing their calorie intake for fat release will mean eating only about 1000 two 1200 calories per day.

Three: while you reduce your calories and adjust for long-term success, you want to eat nutrient dense food.

Bonus: Start your day with a small, nutrient dense breakfast- and then eat little meals every 3 hours. This keeps blood sugar levels evened out and your natural energy high.

Nutrient dense food is food that has lower calories, but higher nutritional value.  This becomes important for your weight loss in the long-term success, because the body will feel full with less food and less calories.  The sense of full helps stop eating too many calories.

The American diet, typically is filled with high calorie, chemical nutrient weak food.  This is why people are who consume a large amount of food in one sitting can still feel hungry.  Part of why they feel hungry, is that their body is not getting the actual cellular nutrition it needs to be healthy and function with vitality.

Did you know the average person consumes about 3500 calories a day!!!  It’s no wonder so many people are overweight. We only need about 1500-1800 a day to stay healthy, fit and active.

One of the easiest ways to acclimate to eating, lower calorie nutrient dense food is through program called Take Shape For Life. In fact, it was this program that I followed that helped me quickly and safely release 33 pounds of fat.  I did this over two years ago and have still kept the weight off!

Take Shape For Life is founded on the belief system of eating 5 nutrient dense meal replacements a day (to get used to eating smaller, calorie controlled meals) and one lean and Green meal a day for the 6th meal. The lean and green is a meal you make.  It’s based on whole foods- and you get to learn experientially how to make nutrient dense, portion controlled food.

This program is flexible (they have over 72 premade meals to choose from each month) and you get to decide when you want your daily lean and green. Breakfast, lunch, dinner- the choice is yours. They give you guidelines of food options to choose from and how much to eat. If you love to cook- you will enjoy these food options. If  you simply do the basics- this is very easy to do also.

The reason this program is so successful is you get FREE support with health coaches who have gone through the program themselves.  (As  your health coach  I understand some of the challenges and emotional or mental triggers that can cause you to over eat.)

For many people, food has attachments emotionally.  Some people eat when they’re stressed.  Some people eat when they’re bored.  Some people eat when they’re frustrated.  Sad or depressed.  Some people eat when they’re happy.  Some people turn to food to stuff their emotions.  So they don’t have to feel them.  Personally, I can relate to all of them.

The food that is used on the Take Shape For Life program is made by a company called Medifast.  Medifast was only available through doctors for many years. This food program has been helping thousands of people achieve successful long-term weight loss for over 30 years.  It is medically proven to be very safe and the food works because it is nutritionally dense, calorie controlled, very affordable and very convenient.  You don’t have to measure, count points, or even worry about having how you will fix your food on the go or at work. It’s grab and go- and tastes good.

The grab and go meals are the foundation that help your body acclimate to a reduced calorie intake. Yet the food is so nutritionally dense that you start to understand and experience what it is like to be full and satisfied on a smaller amount of food.

Studies have been done as to why so many people eat at the drive through. It’s not for flavor or cost.  The number one reason was : Convenience!!   What is great about the Take Shape for Life program is that it is SUPER Convenient.

The better parts are here: Rather than consume a 1000 calorie drive through burger in one meal-you can have 6 nutritionally dense, healthy meals a day!  Also- rather than drop $3-5 (0r more) for each stop you make for food on the go… the Take Shape for Life meals are only about $2 each.   Starting on the program is not an ‘in addition to’ food cost. It’s an ‘instead of’ adjustment of choice of food you eat.

Many of my clients are initially concerned in the beginning that they’re going to always be hungry.  I get to hear the same testimonial each time, though.  And that is, they are very thrilled and surprised at how full they always feel.  This is motivating for them during their weight loss and fat release phase.  I experienced the same concerns, and the same positive results.

This is part one of how I lost my weight. In fact, it was the easiest and most rewarding part! If you are ready to lose weight and keep it off- today is the day to start.

Call or email me and let me show you how this program can help you like it did me and many others I know!  I also offer online webinars on this subject and other health related topics for more details.  If you are interested in those, contact me and we can set them up.

Here’s to helping you be your best,

Debbra Sweet

Health Coach

Action Leadership Specialist

“People MoverI move people to
take action to get lasting results in their life and business”

Lean Marketing: Insights to Building your Marketing Muscle

The New Year is underway and the hot topic of conversation is “Running your company Lean”. Smartbuilding marketing muscle businesses who have weathered the past couple years realized a few things:

  • The need to really take a look at operations and ask “What is working? What is not? Where can we stream line our procedures?”
  • The need to really take a look at their marketing and ask “”What is working? What is not?”
  • If we are going to stay in business, we need to INCREASE marketing- and be consistent.

Times have truly changed and having a strategic integrated research based marketing firm help you develop marketing that produces real, trackable results from the start- is just smart business. The top athletes, performers and business pros hire consultants to get them to the top and keep them there.

Is 2011 your year to be one of those top producing businesses?

As I have shared before, two areas we have been helping business increase marketing results… without necessarily increasing their cost is right here:

1. Sweet Marketing Solutions has been fixing up, cleaning up, and trimming the fat by reworking our clients marketing that was not converting prospects into clients.

2. We then develop streamlined, lean, powerful marketing tools that work with your business system, fit your budget – and connect you with your clients and prospects.

If you are not getting the marketing results you want – whether it is offline advertising or through internet marketingcontact me. Let’s talk.

The research and planning process we do for all of our clients marketing not only can help make you money- but it will save you money. You will see what you are paying for that isn’t working. You’ll be able to trim the fat on what’s not working, and lean out your marketing muscles with new insights on what it takes to get prospects to become customers in today’s business arena.

Anytime you can trim the fat & tone up-(professionally and personally) – you are ensuring greater results long term and short term.

We look forward to talking to you soon,

Debbra Sweet & the Sweet Marketing Solutions Team

7 Deadly Mistakes When Preparing for a Trade Show or Event- and How To Avoid Them.

Trade shows are back in swing- and having talked to some businesses that went up to the big electronics event in Vegas last week, the word on the street is- business is back.

Two to three years we saw a reduction in businesses who were using trade shows as a way to grow their business. Last year, Sweet Marketing Solutions helped more businesses get ready for success at shows.  January is the season where businesses plan or start preparing for taking their business to shows.

With that, I thought I would share an article I wrote a few years ago that gives valuable insights if you are going to participate in them this year. Whether you go to a show to walk it as an attendee- or if you want to have a booth as a vendor, this article gives valuable insight to help you maximize your time, effort and investment.


7 Deadly Mistakes When Preparing for a Trade Show or Event-and How To Avoid Them.
By Debbra Sweet July 05, 2007

Events take a lot of work to do, and for some people, they are the most effective way to market and promote their business.  For others, they can be very frustrating, and may seem counter productive.  If you’ve been a victim of trade show tragedy- here’s 7 deadly mistakes most people make when it comes to trade shows- and how avoiding them will make your next event more successful …

Deadly Mistake #1: Not having a plan

I put this first because it’s the biggest- and it is the foundation for your success.  Just like running your day to day business or marketing campaign, if you don’t have a plan for the results you want from the trade show or event- you can pretty much guarantee that your time will not be effective.

People attend and participate in events for different reasons.  What’s yours? Do you want to build name recognition, meet potential business contacts for referral business? Do you need a supplier or distribution source?  Are you focused on generating leads for your business- or can you even sell your product or service at the event?

Depending on the results you want, your desired effect starts with crafting a plan to get you from point A to point Z.

Deadly Mistake #2: Is the trade show/event right for you?

This may seem like a no-brainer question, but I work with many companies that want to participate in an event or trade show- but often, the events they’ve chosen will not have the right people attending that they should really be working with.

In other words, is the event you’ve decided to be at really your ideal client target audience?

What do I mean by ideal client?  I also refer to this as your best client.  Not all clients are a great fit for your company. Not all ideal clients fit into a specific target market either.  Do you know who yours are?  If not, how can you confidently know whether or not the people at the event you want to participate at are the right people for you to be talking to?

Deadly Mistake #3: Not giving enough time/ checking your details for the day of the event

Last minute planning can really add to the overall stress and expense of participating in events.   When we create any marketing piece or promotional product, a typical production time is at least 15 days- and that’s after all the art has been approved and before shipping time.

One of the simplest areas to adjust when planning for a trade show is just that. Give yourself time to plan.  Be sure to include extra time for any updates to your content, printing of paper materials and if you want to get very effective at trade shows with using promotional products- give your self plenty of time.  If you go the route of doing a complete custom made promotional product, you’ll want to budget at least 12 weeks in product development.  This planning can make a huge impact on your overall success. The more you become successful at planning the details of your event, the more you can plan on being successful while reducing your stress.

Deadly Mistake #4: Talking to everyone at the trade show

This mistake ties into deadly mistake number 2.  Once you’re at the right event, do you really need to speak with everyone?  If you’ve ever worked a booth before, you’ve probably had times when someone comes along and they seem to take up all your time- only it’s been evident that what they want to speak to you about, will lead to no business for you.  If the trade show is ‘slow’, a person like this could be a minor break in the moment- but what if it’s a busy show and you’re tied up talking to this person…when a major contact you really want to meet walks by- alone.  You just missed your opportunity.

How do you avoid this?  Is there a way to get the right people to come talk to you?   Yes.

To win the tradeshow war- you need to get the right people to your booth.

Sweet Marketing Solutions understands that there are more levels to marketing yourself at a trade show than just showing up and setting up a booth.  It starts with pre-trade show marketing. You don’t need to get everyone to come see you- just the right traffic to your booth. We can help you find creative, easy and inexpensive- yet very effective ways to get people to remember who you are.  And most importantly, we can set you up with the tools to quickly and effectively reach connect with those people you’ve just met at the trade show. With our experience, you have an opportunity to increase revenue dollars right away from your tradeshow experience.

Deadly Mistake #5: Not collecting vital info at the booth

It amazes me that people would participate in a trade show or event- but not want to use it as a way to collect data for developing contacts or leads. For some people, if they have the time and money to invest into a show where they are simply building their brand and creating a positive contribution to the overall event, then it’s a good fit.

For others, not collecting data to follow up on is a huge mistake.  This one area is critical in the success of the event.  If there’s no data to call- then how do you generate ROI?  If there’s no data to call – how will you know where your business comes from?

Data collection can be easy at a show.  It doesn’t have to be ‘aggressive’ or ‘’a hard sell’.  In fact, some of the most light hearted, attention getting ways of getting people’s information – can be the determining factor in marketing retention.  If your data collection idea is creative, people will be more likely to remember you when you do call.

Deadly Mistake #6: – Using cheap, commonly used hand outs

Did you know that there’s over 800,000 promotional items to have branded with your company name and contact information on it?  Yet, when it comes to hand outs, a huge mistake occurs when people settle for purchasing the same old, inexpensive promotional items.

How can you differentiate yourself if what you hand out is the same as everyone else’s?  Plan early and get creative because waiting to the last minute to order these products can add to the cost. We can help you find original ideas with promotional items that will reinforce your brand, keep you on budget and help your company gain exposure.

Deadly Mistake #7: No follow up

I saved this one for last because in my opinion, it’s the biggest – and if you’ve invested time and money to do a trade show- but never follow up- then you’ve missed the whole point.

We all have good intentions to follow up- but typically, the 80/20 rule applies here.  20% of the people who participate in a show will actually follow up. The other 80%- will let their good intentions be just that… intention.

All too frequently, once the trade show is over, those business cards get rubber banded together and they get set by the telephone- still with good intentions- to call those people within a very short period of time.

What usually happens though- is that our good intentions last for a few days.   Business and life get in the way- so all too often, we never actually get to calling anyone in that stack of business cards. Later, we might even put a label on it so that we can remember which tradeshow we met them at.  Then after a while, the stack of business cards with a rubber band and label that has moved into a drawer turn from hot leads to cold. Next, they typically find their way into the circular file (garbage can).

Don’t let this happen to your valuable leads!

If you want to avoid those common follow-up mistakes, call Sweet Marketing Solutions today and ask about our Connection Campaigns ™ tools.  This is a package of low cost, high impact, easy to use and most importantly- well received automated collection of marketing tools that will help you leverage your time and keep expenses to a minimum. The Connection Campaigns ™ marketing tools can be used before, during and after your event- and will help ensure you get results for your efforts.


To recap and help you avoid the common deadly mistakes at trade shows and events – ask yourself this:

1. What are you doing for pre trade show marketing?
2. What are you doing at the trade show to market and differentiate yourself?
3. What are you going to do to follow up with all the leads that you’ve just received at the trade show?

Contact Sweet Marketing Solutions today. Let us show you some of our creative yet very effective and inexpensive ways to get the right people to your tradeshow booth this year. You can knock your results out of the park.  You can get the results you looking for from the tradeshow- it just takes a little bit of planning in advance.

Sweet Marketing Solutions

Target Marketing: How to identify the right market to grow your business

Hit The Target-BullseyeYou’ve heard the words “Target Markets” – but do you really understand what it means?

If you have ever been asked: “Who is your best target market?” and you didn’t know what to answer, this work shop is for you.

Competition in business is a cold reality… so how do you win the marketing war? The best way is to start out by identifying your best target markets and then focus your efforts with a great niche marketing strategy.

In this workshop,  your instructor, Debbra Sweet, will “pull back the curtain” revealing to you the secret insider information that the pros and big corporations use to make billions of dollars every year.

Learn how to create the barrel that all the fish are in so you can fish from your barrel anytime you want. You will be astounded at just how easy and inexpensive this process really is!

In this fun, focused, hands on classroom style workshop, Debbra will show you the steps you must take to define and reach your best target market on a limited budget- for online, offline and  word of mouth marketing.

Register today and reserve your seat. You will walk out of this workshop ready to apply the information you learn- and see your marketing results go up!

Who should attend:

Business Professionals that do word of mouth marketing

Businesses who advertise through direct mail, email or print media

Businesses who already are using social media- or who want to use social media

Businesses who need to increase marketing results

Learn secret insider information that the pros and big corporations use to make billions of dollars
How to use target marketing for planning your online and offline marketing strategies
Reach your best target market on a limited budget.




About the Instructor:

The founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions, Debbra Sweet specializes in working with business owners and executives to help them increase their bottom-line through planned, targeted, effective marketing. Her personal passion of “showing people there’s a better way to produce results” in marketing their business lays the foundation for the inspiring and motivating topics she speaks, writes and teaches on.

Always focusing on an end result, Debbra helps to streamline the vastness of marketing, sales and leadership so business owners can be comfortably involved when they are working towards achieving marketing growth goals. Her unique blend of understanding business systems, a great sense of value in client relationships and endless creativity are key elements that Sweet uses to deliver value packed information to audiences around the country.

Through her company, Sweet Marketing Solutions, she developed a revolutionary system called “Marketing Made Easy ™” – a home study course and training program designed to help start ups, small businesses or companies on a limited budget achieve great results with marketing.

For mid size companies, Debbra’s keen insights and experiences help deliver maximum results for more established companies that are ready to take on strategic growth through her CAN-DO™ Process. This process creates a laser focused strategic marketing plan designed to support business growth for the next three to five years for her clients.

Companies that want online results but do not have the time for the learning curve involved in Social Networking and Media benefit from the Web Marketing Done For You Program offered by Sweet Marketing Solutions.

Does Google Hate You?

How do you know if  Google hates you (or at least your website and marketing efforts).

You’ll know by your answer to this question:  Are you showing up anywhere on Google for your best search terms?

You may have heard (and it’s true) that 65% of all Google searchers click on the top 3 spots (on the left hand side of the computer screen.) Are you in the top 3 on page 1 of Google? Yahoo? Bing? Are you even showing up at all??? Because if you can’t be found on Google then in the mind of your customers you don’t exist.

Be found on the 1st Page of Google for your best keywords in as little as 3 days! Let me show you how.

NOTE: I have done this for myself and my companies. This isn’t just talk.  I can do it for you too. google organic ranking ds

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Learn How Fast You can be More Popular on Google
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Are you being noticed online as much as you want to be? Discover your current popularity on Google… And see how you can promote your business more. This will save you A TON of time and make your life easier. Energize your business with the hottest trend! This is a proven internet marketing Search Engine Optimization process based on a system that we’ve tested and used ourselves for years. We’ve built our business this way and we can build yours too. We work with you to help you reach your growth goals at a pace you can handle.

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Those Silly Questions Part 2

The question this year that I sought an answer for is: why do I do what I do? I have put a lot of thought to question-mark1that question.  And I believe I have the answer. The answer is simply because it’s what I am supposed to do.

My passion for wanting to show people there’s a better way started when I was about 12 or 13. I don’t know why, I don’t know how it started.  For many years I never really even talked about this.  It was just simply something that I knew, deep in my heart was a reason for putting my 150% into everything I do.

I believe that part of that passion came from a personal frustration of wanting to know more, to do more.  I was searching for answers for who I was and what my purpose in life was.  I did not know where to find those answers, and I sought out a lot of guidance from adult friends and people who were in my life.

Unfortunately, I never really got the answers from an external source.  I tried many things to discover what types of activities interests and work I liked, didn’t like, wanted to or did not want to do.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be on stage in front of people blessing them with music but it seem like there was something more needed. That part of my vision seemed incomplete.  But what did complete it, was the understanding that my music and my words were a door (or a vehicle) to connect with people.

I knew that by being available to be a good friend and mentor to others that I could share with others who were searching for answers and support about their life- t that they did not have to a long sad and frustrated time trying to figure out their purpose in life.

Growing up, I had seen too many people with lines of hardship on their face.  They were good people, who had work ethic, family.  They usually had a job, but something always seemed to be missing.  Although they laughed, when I would look into their eyes, and I would hear how they would speak, what I picked up on all too often was a sense of sadness, loneliness and frustration. I could feel that they seemed stuck in their life.  I picked up on a sense of despair.  They were stuck in a rut called their life, and although options and choices and doors of opportunity were all around them.  They either didn’t see those doors, or they didn’t believe they could open them and walk through.  I would watch these people over the years, and that same hardness, sadness, loneliness and frustration never went away.

I was always the square peg in a round hole, and I realized from a very early age that geographically, where I lived, although it was in a small town, if I wanted something more, all I had to do was drive to a bigger town.

There were big towns all around us.  If you were willing to drive for an hour or two, the world could be your oyster.  I used to spend a lot of time in the library, and I would read books…lots of books.  Through reading I learned about life beyond the cities that surrounded us.  (this was way before PC’s and Google) Again, I knew that choices could be made and that resources were always around if you were willing to take a chance and reached out to somewhere beyond your comfort zone.

This is a lot of information for young girl to understand, but the fact is that I did.

It is still the same realization that is part of the passion that drives me to help other people step beyond their comfort zone to realize their dreams.

Technology has opened up a whole new world.  You don’t have to even have to leave your home anymore to open doors of opportunity!

So my passion to help people discover what doors they want to open and walk through, be empowered to make healthy, strong, solid choices -and avoid as many pitfalls as possible along the way- is even stronger than it was when I was a young girl.

So, when I ask myself why do (teach, lead, mentor, grow my businesses that provide valuable services, information, resources to help others be their best, be successful) …I do it- it is simply because I know, for me, it is the right thing to do.

What is it in your life that you want to do, you know you should do- but have been afraid to try? This is the year to take a step and open a door of opportunity for a new year and a new you!

Debbra Sweet

Those Silly Questions Part 1

Over the years I have been asked many times, “How do you do it?”  To those posing that question, I question-markswould ask  back, “How do I do what?”

They would reply, “How do you do all that you do?”  Then they would start to rattle off some of the businesses and activities that I’m currently involved.

I would simply smile and honestly tell them : “I don’t do it alone.  I have a great husband, who helps me with many things, and I have great teams of people that believe in what I do and part of my support system.  It is working together as a team that we are able to leverage time. That allows me to do what I do best, which is to have a vision, create a structure, refine a system to help us reach our goals, and then I manage and lead by example.”

Other people have come to me and privately told me: “You are amazing.  Or, “You are so good at what you do.”  For many years when I hear those types of statements I was always a little puzzled.  In fact, I would look at the person who just spoke those words and say “Thank you”….  And then ask them to clarify.

The reason for this is that I didn’t know what I did, that they were referencing. This type of conversation about me ‘being good at what I do’ privately bothered me, because I did not understand.  I could not see what it was that others were noticing in me.  So I decided to start asking more people to describe what it is I do.

This took some time and the feedback and insights I received were very profound.  In fact, it was when one person said “That’s easy.  You’re people mover”, I felt an impact on my heart.  I knew that those words were something important.

So I asked my friend to tell me more, to explain what she meant.  She smiled, and very confidently said ‘Debbra, you move people to take action.  You are able to show people -by what you do, through the words you speak, and how you live your life as a leader with integrity – that it is possible to have goals and dreams and achieve them.”  She continued, “You give people the courage to follow through on their dreams, and then you show them how to do it so they know that they can and that they’re not alone.”

That conversation was a changing point in my understanding of who I am.  It was pivotal because it brought a lot of personal thoughts and questions I had about myself together. I asked her if I could use those words the next time somebody says, what do you do?  She smiled and said, “Of course”.

Having a clear understanding now of what I do – that other people see (and feel) is powerful. It helped to ground me in my resolve to continue ‘doing what I do’- and know that I am helping others along the way.

So- Here’s my silly question to you today:  What is a dream you have always had that you’ve been afraid or hesitant to go for?  If money or time were no option,  what is it that you would LOVE to do?

If you are ready to take action towards that dream, share it here- and then let’s see what it will take for you to make that dream happen!

Debbra Sweet


Hot Marketing Strategies

But my business is different! Those marketing strategies won’t work for me” … have you ever said those dangerous words?

I get this all of the time: “My business is different. Your marketing strategies won’t work for me.”

Hmmm. Really… are you sure?

Because the last time I checked, ALL businesses:

1. Have competitors
2. Must advertise or somehow get people to know about them
3. Must convince people to buy
4. Must hang on to their customers
5. Must attempt to avoid failure while on the path to profitability, wealth and success

Granted, marketing media has changed. It’s hard to believe that just five years ago, YouTube, Facebook, etc. were non-existent.

But people have not changed one iota

“What’s in it for me” (WIIFM) has been the driving force in just about everything since Day One.

Consumers are just like me and you. We all have the same emotions, fears and tendencies as everyone else on the planet.

So how the heck is your business different?

Thinking this way creates a massive roadblock to making any real progress.

Take relationship marketing.

You want (need, actually) to keep your clients from wandering off. Plus, you want your customers to buy more and to buy often.

Proactive relationship marketing will accomplish all of this by satisfying your customers burning quest for WIIFM.

And it does not matter what business you are in.

I don’t care if you have a restaurant, sell insurance, pump gas or own a funeral home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or a small town.

All businesses either make stuff or they do stuff for people. We keep score by how much stuff we sell at the end of the day.

So don’t rip yourself off by using this excuse to let you off the hook from trying relationship marketing, such as can be built by a quality company newsletter.

Remember, you are selling to humans, not Vulcans. Humans have emotions; and we use them daily to make decisions, no matter what we are buying.

So at its core, your business is really no different from anyone else’s because it’s the relationship with the customer that means everything to your success.

If you need ideas on how to connect better with your clients, prospects, (family and friends)- I am a Certified Referral Relationship Trainer.  There are some special skill sets you can learn and develop to make your marketing efforts effective in the short term and long term.  Drop me a line or leave a comment if you need some assistance or info on this area.

Debbra Sweet