Leading with a Rock-N-Roll Attitude

Rock & Roll Deb Now

Lately the fact that I have been a Rock-n-Roll musician has been coming up often.  It’s funny because as a musician, I play much more than just Rock-n-Roll. In fact, I am a classically trained musician; both vocally and instrumentally.

I truly enjoy classical music -listening and playing.  I love playing jazz, blues, R & B, Dixie Land.  I sing operatic music in German, Latin, Spanish and English.  I’ve even twanged out a country song or two. But Rock & Roll- that’s where the sizzle is. The stories are short, the emotions are long.  Always the rebel in my own way, Rock & Roll allows for a release that is unparalleled with the other styles of music.

Most people who see me during the day see glimpses of the R & R attitude- it’s the BRING IT ON part-with one not afraid to be different, be bold and go for it…but they also see a leader who understands the benefit and wisdom of  not being out of control.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition.  In leadership, leading by example is always a sure way to let others know you are real. You care. You are authentic. You show that you really believe in what you do.

Debbra Rocks Circa 1998

The best leaders though – they take risks. They have to at times.  Not unabashed, reckless risks- but well thought out and strategic risks.  To break through barriers and achieve great things, you have to be bold.  You can’t always walk down the well trodden path. You have to have the mojo inside that is ready to take a path not taken before.

Action leadership type  is reminiscent of one with a  Rock & Roll Attitude. You do what it takes to make things happen. You don’t just sit around and wait.

People tell me that they love my attitude.  They love my energy.  They love my focus.  They see clear determination and commitment to a cause. (The cause is to help others achieve great results by showing them there’s a better way to get them!)  People tell me that in me they see strength, I inspire them. They say that I’ve moved them to do things they never thought they could.

I am thankful and humble when I hear words like that.  I quickly remind myself that it is not ‘me’ they see. It is the reflection of God within me that shines through.   It is HIS strength that has been nurtured and wrapped itself in a unique package – known as me.  I am a bit over the top at times, I am quiet at others.  I do stand strong for HIM, but I BRING IT ON with the Rock & Roll Attitude.

Here’s to Rockin and NEVER Stopping!



Why God First?

Many people say they live a Godly life- but they still deal with daily struggles, frustration, pain, drama and conflict. They work through emotions of sadness, anger, bitterness and resentment.  Inside, these same people yearn for a life filled with joy, peace, abundance, fulfillment, happiness, prosperity.

The Bible says those are all available AND God WANTS us to have them! God wants us to be super conquerers. In fact, the Bible states that we are Already Super Conquerers!

If the Bible says what it means, and means what it says, and God wants us to have this happy abundant life, why is it that so many people still suffer from personal pain?

The beginning of that answer is here: It is important to understand WHY we need to put God FIRST in ALL things. It is important to learn HOW to do that.  Then, most of all, we need to take ACTION and DO that!

If you are ready to learn about this subject, here’s a GREAT video that will get you going in the right direction. It’s simple, yet powerful.

May you receive many blessings for taking the action to learn about putting God First!

Debbra Sweet

P.S.  Make a commitment to yourself and get quiet when you listen to this.  You’ll be glad you did.

Why God’s Word First Video

Quote Actions

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Dare to be Dino!

One of the things I have done since I was very young  is people watching.  I ponder over how people act, what they think, why they think it, what motivates them to do what they do, and I wonder about what they feel deep down inside.

Are they truly happy? What makes some people have great big, amazing dreams while others are content being a couch potato? How is it that some people reach for the stars and get them while others reach for their next excuse as to why they did not nor cannot ever be successful.

Our world  has been transitioned by technology, filling the minds with instant access to more negative thoughts and input than we ever used to have.  This input, unfortunately is based upon the abuse and disrespect, hardships and drama people have (and create)  for themselves and others.  So, it is a treat to find individuals who truly are visionary and still grasp the ability to be  genuine through and through.  These individuals bring with them usually a keen sense of opportunity and simple joy. It’s joy that comes from within first- and it is that joy they share and spread to those much in need.

One such person, that I am fortunate to see daily, is my son, Quinn.  I share with you his heart, his attitude and his vision for the future.  Quinn truly lives in a color filled world.  It’s bright, it’s fun, everything he does is about creating an environment or space that allows the senses to be filled with time to play. Time to revel in the simplicity life has. Time to feel pure happiness.

There are days (moments and minutes) where his desire for fun is so intense that he forgets or does not recognize the need for order and discipline in thought. (We are working on that though! LO!)  I do not want to ever oppress or repress his wonderful imagination and sense of pure love for others and life.  It is so refreshing to see.  When days are long, trying and tiresome, his relentless desire to play and have fun is good to be around. .. and here’s why:

As adults, we forget that we are to have balance in our lives.  God made us to put HIM first, not our job, not our desire for things. We put God first, then all the rest should fall in line.  God made the perfect plan- but many people are unaware of this.  One of the things that God shares in His word is that we can recognize joy by being able to sing with a happy heart even in the darkest of hours.  For most people, that inner strength and ability to rebound from difficulty is unheard of.  God says it’s available.  Quinn reminds me daily that it’s possible.

God wants us to be happy, to be fulfilled, to feel love, pure love.. which leads to joy. When was the last time YOU felt joy?

Joy doesn’t always come from play. That is unique to Quinn and unique to others. For me, I feel joy when I see others grow.    When I see them become more fulfilled and achieve their dreams and goals, I feel joy.

Part of how we can achieve joy in our life is to have vision – clear vision of what we want.  Not what we have or are living now… but clarity in the vision of what can be, what is available to us, and then take the steps necessary to achieve that vision.

In Quinn’s world, he practices what God’s Word says. He takes no thought for tomorrow- he casts his cares upon God. Quinn does not get hung up on the physical things like most people in the world. (Sometimes we have to work on some of the attention to details.. like matching clothes when we go in public,  not playing or dancing with glee down the grocery store isle when other people are just a foot away.)   But for the most part, he walks the way God teaches us.

Quinn has told me that it doesn’t bother him if his clothes don’t match. He’s wearing what he knows is comfortable and he is thankful for his clothes.  Do clothes really make the man? Nope. Can I argue with this?  I can try.. but I’ll lose to him.  He’s happy, warm, safe and filled with joy.

Does it really matter that he always wants to express his joy in public? Nope. I only need to encourage him to be watchful so he does not accidentally trip or hurt some one.  We are so accustomed to NOT seeing joy or happiness that people are actually taken by surprise to see a person filled with that pure love and true emotion.

I have asked Quinn what he wants to be when he grows up. He knows. He’s rock solid on this one- and it does not matter what you tell him- his vision is set.  He wants to be a Quadrillionaire!!  (He’s 8 right now.. but already steadfast in that goal.)  He romanced the idea of being an archeologist, a chiropractor, an artist,  a scientist.  He will tell you matter -of -factly that he’s an artist and he’s very good at his Monet art. (He is.)  However, his mind is set.  His vision is in stone. He wants to be a Quadrillionaire.  (I expect that some day he will.)

Here’s the final thought on this- Quinn is a great example of what it takes for us, as adults- to Dare to Be Dino!  What does that mean?  Quinn LOVES dinosaurs.  It’s a passion of his. At a time when most kids usually outgrow their interest in dinos, his lives on. We have dino shirts, pillows, toys, discovery games, board games, blankets, books and many other things about dinos.  For his eigth birthday, I made him a 3-D Dinosaur cake.  It filled him to overfilling joy!!  He told me he wanted chocolate mint cake… and that is what he got. (Ok- so he got chocolate cake with mint M&M’s and mint chocolate ice cream.)

Quinn and his Dino Cake

The point here is this- no matter what your passion, your circumstances, your surroundings, no matter what your friends, family or coworkers think… where do YOU find joy? What is it that you can wrap your vision around and hold onto that would allow you to be DINO?  What is it that will motivate you to play? What is it that will fulfill you so in the darkest times, you can find it in your heart to sing with joy?

I wrap up today by sharing this:  find your passion, dare to be bold about it no matter what others around you say.  SEE it in your mind clearly as if you already have it- then take action on it. Do not worry about the how, just simply do.

During your journey, keep the vision.  God’s word says:

Proverbs 29:18
“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

You need to have vision of happiness, joy, fulfillment and a way to see your path for the future.  Let your heart lead your passion with joy and let yourself dance in the isles of the supermarket along the way!