What’s Your Priority Focused On?

Two days ago my youngest son and I were driving in my vehicle and the radio was on. We had been chatting aboutOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA things (sports, the weekend, etc.) There was a break in our conversation and suddenly over the airwaves was a voice on the radio that asked: “Are you putting God First or as a last resort?”

After the announcer finished the sentence, my son spoke up and said: “That’s a good question!”

So I asked him “ How about you? Do you put God first, or do you go to him as a last resort?”

He pondered this question and then answered, “ As a last resort. I like to try things on my own first.”

Then he asked me: “How about you Mom?”

My reply: “I do my best to keep God First, and not just for the big things. But the little, everyday, mundane things too. It’s about honoring the commitment I made to God years ago- to live and work for Him in all I do.”

I then went on to share that when I pray, I even pray for things like our laundry. He was really surprised to hear that. (My son, who is 13, has heard this before from me, but it was obvious he didn’t really get the significance of that as he was growing up.) I went on to explain that yes, I pray for God to bless our laundry, to keep the clothing from wearing out prematurely. (I have things I’ve worn for 20 years now that are classic, timeless styles and still are in great shape)

There are some days when I am praying 5 or 8 hours a day through out the day-and yes, sometimes my prayers are only 5-8 minutes day.

Putting God first is not just about prayer though. That is a part of it. The other part is about our actions, attitudes & beliefs. It involves how we steward things (the physicals, emotionally, spiritually, relationship wise, etc.)

There’s a flow to how spiritual alignment is supposed to be for us to have a full, abundant, blessed and protected life. This is very counterintuitive of how we as Westerners live. However, when you reprioritize your life to live in the following way, the blessings of God are clearly seen, felt, experienced- both big and small.

We should strive to live with stewardship in this manner:

1. God First
2. Self
3. Family
4. Business
5. Friends/Community/Country

Prayer isn’t just about asking for things either. A great spiritual relationship is based on a healthy conversation- one filled with acknowledgement, gratitude, thankfulness, and yes, communication for God to intercede for the lives and wellbeing of others.

Learning how to pray, what to pray for (not all things we pray for are available for God to fufill)- and then knowing what to do with the answers once prayers have been answered- are all keys to living a life with God first, so that He can help us prosper above all things, even as our soul prospers.

Where are you at today in your spiritual life? Just like all things; to be in spiritual health requires balance. Our God centered walk is the catalyst behind all other things. It’s the wind in our sails, the ‘gas’ that gives us the ‘go.

If you yearn to learn more, here are a couple other articles and teachings to help you understand why to put God First, How to do it –and the benefit to you when you do.



May you have a blessed and magnificent day!

Debbra Sweet

2014 Focus: Alignment and Passion

If you read through my blog, you will discover that each year, not only do I do my personal and business goal planning, I also have a long history of starting each new year with a “Word of the Year” or a “Quote of the Year”. I do not really recall where and when I started to do this.  It’s just always been a part of what I do.

This year, 2014,  my Word of the Year is : Alignment. 

A supporting word of the year is: Passion.

Basically, everything I do this year need to be in alignment with each other and based on passion.  This means, teams I work on, teams I work for,  personal goals or tasks, professional goals and benchmarks I will achieveDomino-Line-518x389need to be in alignment with my top 5 passions.

When all we do is aligned with one another, amazing things happen.

When the teams we work with, participate in are in alignment with one another- even more incredible things occur!

The ‘quote’ of the year will be: “Does this align with my top 5 passions I am taking actions to achieve?”  

That question is a guiding post for my journey that I’ve been sharing and will continue to reveal. The benefit of taking this type of a mental approach at all you do is here: when we take the time to line up things, when they are aligned, it does not take a lot of momentum to start a chain reaction for success.  It’s kind of like playing dominoes.  You can spend hours setting your design and vision just right.  Knowing that, along the way, things can happen where you need to reset the vision.   The passion to see your vision come to pass is so strong, that you go back, assess, reset and go again.

When we play dominoes, some of the most stunning results of our time, heart and labor occurs when all the pieces are lined up ‘just so’ …and you push the first one. We watch the vision and movement unfold before our eyes.  I like to watch people doing things.  I’ve seen many people watch dominoes in motion- and it’s always the same: admiration of the dedication, precision, thought process, the engineering and the patience it took to create such a masterpiece. The fluid movement of dominoes in motion is peaceful and exciting to watch.   It takes alignment of each piece to make the vision work so those who view the movement can enjoy all the heart and effort that went into the creation.

As you start your 2014, ask yourself “What are areas in your life that feel out of alignment?” What is one action step you can do today to start to get things going in the same direction for max velocity and effectiveness?
2014  is a year to take action to work towards a passion you’ve always wanted to see happen in your life.  Take the first step and start to line up the things you need to make that passion a reality!

Here’s to kicking of 2014 with extreme Alignment & Passion!


Here’s to what will be an incredible 2014!

Prayer Day for USA An Urgent Call to Prayer for our Nation in Crisis:Turning to God for Help in Saving our Nation

God’s Word First Christian Ministry will be participating in The Response prayer event by holding a National Prayerwe-the-peopleDay for USA Conference Phone Call on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Open invite to everyone. Listen to the call and pray with us in spirit for God to save the USA.

Click Here to read the full story and get Put your first name and best email into the form on the page http://www.gods-word-first.org/national-prayer-day.html

Then click “Sign up!”to join us in prayer. We will email you the call in phone number along with date, time and other relevant info.

Read more info below for some of the reason why this day is important:

What’s Going On:

The United States of America is in trouble. That much we can all agree on. The finer details are debatable. But it doesn’t matter who’s to blame, Democrats, Republicans (or any other political party), the current President, your local government, The Fed, major corporations, Big Pharma, etc… The main source of the problem comes down to all of us, “We the People”.

The USA was founded on Christian principles. As a nation, the dominant religion has been Christianity (including all forms and denominations). God and His commandments were always at the core of our foundation and the decisions we made. And we as a nation prospered in every way because of it.


God’s Word, the church and strong religious beliefs used to be integral to most Americans in their personal lives. As the people in our nation have been slowly drifting away from God, their churches and away from basic Christian values, our nation as a whole has been suffering.

The best way to fix ANY problem is to
treat the cause, not the symptoms.

The problems our nation is facing today are not insurmountable to God. We can fix all our problems, both personal and national, but not by treating the symptoms. The following is a short list of symptoms due to a larger problem we as a nation are facing. Symptoms such as:

  • “the war on drugs”
  • “illegal immigration”
  • unrest in the Middle East
  • a failing economy in recession

All these and more can be solved by faith in God and by all agreeing to hold ourselves and each other accountable to good values.

The main problem we need to solve, the problem
that is at the core of all our symptoms,
is our separation from God.

When we as individuals are close to God then we personally enjoy the benefits of His blessings. When we as individuals are all close to God and come together as a group, as in a nation of people, then we collectively enjoy God’s blessings and protection.

The people in our once great nation have been slowly drifting away from God over the last 100 years. The evidence (symptoms) of this separation can be seen in the eroding of our family units, broken families, soaring divorce rates, increased abortions, increased domestic violence, crime in the streets, governmental corruption, etc.

Works of the Flesh vs. Fruit of the Spirit

As a nation we are in a financial recession heading into a full depression. A full financial collapse is imminent if we stay on the same path of disobedience to God. The people of our nation are suffering increasing instances of severe environmental conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. These are all symptoms of a much larger problem looming over us. That problem is separation from God, His blessings and his protection.

Although it’s true that individuals who remain close to God are protected. But we live in a nation among others who are not protected, who are straying from God and His righteous values. This falling away of others affects all of us.

The Old Testament is full of examples of where God’s people strayed from Him and then reaped the consequences of their actions: Famine, pestilence, drought, poverty, wars, invasion and slavery. Our nation is on the brink of disaster. We are seeing some of these very same things happening to us right now, and it’s only going to get worse unless “We the People” repent and turn our hearts back to God TODAY.

“We the People” Must Turn to God as our Founding Forefathers Once Did”

Click here to read more of the why you should pray with us on Aug 6th- why to spread the invite with others you know- and how to join in prayer Aug. 6th.

May you be humble and bold. May you be peaceful and blessed.

Thank you for spreading this invite so God can perform a mighty miracle in our day and time!



Spiritually Speaking

From the time we’re born, we seek to learn from those who are around us.  Deep inside people is an inherent desire to search for a ‘higher power’.  Many people feel an emptiness, an aloneness, a ‘hole in their heart’ until they find a higher power.  Along the search to fill that emptiness, the void, people tend to cover or temporarily fill that feeling with other things of the world.  Those actions may temporarily satisfy the desire and cover the feeling of emptiness, but until one connects on a spiritual level with a higher power, those feelings will continue to resurface.

Some people never find the higher power that fulfills. Instead they are content to continue worldly actions that momentarily fill the void, but at the end of the day, they are still empty from true purpose in their life. In some cases, those worldly actions simply destroy their life.

In my search, I found my higher power through biblical truths. I tried many worldly ways to fill that void- but this is what filled it for me.  One biblical truth, one promise that I have come to understand is this:  John 10:10 says:  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou (you) mayest (may) prosper and be in health, even as thy (your) soul (spiritual life) prospers”. 

This is a mathematical equation.  To have prosperity and health in your life, you need to have spiritual prosperity also.

You need to have balance here too.    If your spiritual life is not healthy, it’s not fed or nurtured, your life is out of balance.  The amount of attention you give and feed your life spiritually will be a direct connection to the amount of abundance and health you will manifest also.

Take the time to nourish your spirit. Take the time to fill that hole with wisdom, knowledge, power and insights if you truly want prosperity and abundance.

Need some ideas on where to start? Need some help dusting off the old ways?  Here’s a great place to begin http://www.GodsWordFirst.org

Every day brings rays of hope and opportunity if you believe

Every day brings rays of hope and opportunity if you believe




Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Debbra Sweet


For The Health of It

An abundance of health is available- but it takes you to be involved to make sure it manifests.  First, understand that the body was designed to heal itself.  It has in it, an inherent ability to heal. Modern western medicine in and of itself does not heal. It can create a condition that allows your body, on a cellular level, to heal. Your emotional thoughts about this ability will have an impact on your healing.  If you believe the body will heal, you create the cellular momentum that allows for healing to happen. If you believe that it won’t- your cellular memory and vibrational attraction will be that what you manifest is lack of health.  Lack of health is sickness or disease.

Another element to abundant health is how you ‘tend’ to your body.  It’s like the farmer and the soil. The farmer needs to remove the old, nutritionally devoid soil and then either feed the remaining soil with fertilizer (vitamins and minerals) or literally add (amend) his existing soil with nutritionally dense soil. This action allows for healthy growth of the new crop. 

To have optimal health, you need to have balance. You need to remove the old cells, the toxins, the internal debris and build up- and then replace it with healthy nutrients. Healthy nutrients will build new, healthy cells. Remember earlier it was stated that science has shown that in 7 years, you can have a whole new body on a cellular level? This is how. It’s a good practice to cleanse your body of toxic buildup.  There are many easy, effective things you can do to internally cleanse out the garbage that has accumulated in your body over the years.  (A good ND or nutritionist can assist you with this).   One way to assist in maintaining healthy cellular balance and the body’s ability to naturally cleanse is through movement- exercise.  When you are stagnant all day, internally you become stagnant too. Lymph doesn’t move, your circulation slows down, your metabolism slows down.  Lack of movement creates an internal blockage – cesspool of cells- that leads to sickness and disease. You create your own build up of toxins. Without movement, those toxins have no where to go- so they penetrate into healthy cells- and now those cells are toxic too. Movement is vital in health. It keeps life energy on a true cellular level happen.

Once you’ve cleansed out the old buildup, it’s important to now tend to your body with better fuel- better food intake. (Less sugar, less artificial ingredients, more water and more vitamins and minerals.) Your food is literally the physiological building blocks your body is made of.   How can you have an abundant amount of health if you prepare your ‘field’ (your body) with nutrient deficient food source?  The body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water in the most pure form in order to tap into its own healing capabilities.  When you feed your body with the best food you can, you create new, healthy cells. These cells are stronger than the old, stagnant, toxic cells. These new cells help to push out the old cells and all their waste build up.  It’s a cycle.

Cleansing to get rid of the old ‘gunk’, plentiful rest (which is when cellular repair takes place), drinking enough water (we’re ¾ water on a cellular level) and an intake of nutritionally rich food helps us emotionally be strong. When we feel better, it’s easier to have positive emotions. Positive emotions attract more positive opportunities in life.

Abundance and prosperity come when you make a choice to take action – in this case, take action and reap the rewards for the health of it!

God Bless,

Debbra Sweeet


For the Health of It

For the Health of It

The Balancing Act- Part 3

Tilling the Soil

Tilling the Soil

In creating a life that is more than abundant, the first step is to understand what is available. It may take a bit of research and intentional focus to know for sure what is available but the search is worth the results.  Once you’ve defined clearly what is available for you to receive in your life, the next step to achieving it is to know how to get it.

Preparing Your Field

Just as a farmer prepares as field to grow a new crop, we must prepare our field to receive abundance. In farming,  there’s a process of tilling the soil (digging up the ground to turn the old soil on the surface), removing the weeds,  fertilizing the ground for new growth (adding healthy nutrients back into the soil)- planning how to lay out the new crops (visualizing) then tending to and harvesting the new growth when ready. This analogy is a great one to understand as it’s an easy parallel to our understanding of manifesting greatness in our own lives.

Knowing how to receive abundance takes practice to undo unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. It doesn’t happen overnight so patience is needed. You need to understand that where you are in your life today- didn’t happen overnight.  It may not turn 360 degrees over night either.  However, you can take big steps forward in creating new habits and thought patterns that will manifest into the abundant life you want. The more you practice and implement new healthy habits, the sooner you’ll see results.

Much research has been done to conclude that the cells in our body contain memory.  Science has also proven that over the course of 7 years, your body- every single cell- in your body can be brand new.  (If you didn’t know that before- now you do- it’s available.) This is important to understand so you can see the difference between just ‘lightly giving something a try’ versus ‘intentionally creating new habits and thought patterns’ to create results and the life you want.  This element of cellular memory is a huge eye opener to many people.  Keep checking back to read on and discover why.

In learning how to receive the things in your life that you want you need to notice first what you need to get rid of.  A farmer tills the soil to get rid of the old, nutrient deficient soil from the top of the ground- and bring to the surface soil that has more nutrients in it. A common trait most people have is to hold onto things.  We collect, we store, we keep, we gather – we add to what we already have. 

This act in and of itself is not bad.  Where this can effect our life however, is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why. (We hold onto the old without ever tilling it to replace it with new.)  There’s another level also that affects our ability to manifest abundance in our life:  sometimes the things we want to hold onto have intense emotions attached to it that are unknowingly directing your life today.

A hidden secret in creating a life of abundance has to do with balance.  It’s been scientifically proven through quantum physics that on the smallest level, the molecular level, every single cell moves and while moving, has life energy.  Life is constantly in motion.  There are times when ‘blockages’ can occur.  Cells get stuck and cause stagnation.  To another extreme, when cells get out of harmony- out of balance – when there is too much attraction in any one direction- the results can be catastrophic. Optimal health and life energy is the evidence that cells are in balance.  Disease and death result when cells become blocked, are out of balance and become stagnant for too long.

Remember before when I spoke of cellular memory in your body?  Your cells hold onto memory, both good and bad.  If you want abundance, peace, happiness, less stress, increased finances, friends- etc, but you have been living a life up to today that has been with lack, stress, no peace, depression and you feel alone- your mind, your body and your cells have that kind of negative memory imprinted on them. 

There is much information available right now as to the law of attraction and how, on a cellular level, negative vibration (movement) in your life- physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and physiologically, will continue to attract like kind- negativity. If you’ve been living a life that has a negative overtone and you want to change- you have to be willing to let go. Let go of emotions, let go of the guilt, hate, fear, frustration, and even a belief of a low self esteem. In the letting go- you may have to let go of friends and physical things too- because attached to them are emotions.

Emotions play a very deep role in how our body imprints its cellular memory. This cellular memory creates the vibrations that will either attract or repel abundance opportunities.  If your cellular vibration is always negative, you will continue to attract more negativity in your life. It may not be consciously intentional, but it manifests a negative reality.  When you can get rid of the cellular memory of negativity and allow new memory to be imprinted in new, healthy cells, you create an opportunity for positive attraction to occur.

I mentioned early on that when learning how to receive the things in your life, you need to notice first what you need to get rid of- and then you need to  know how to receive. When we collect, store, keep, gather and add to what we already have, we can unintentionally create blockages and stagnation by surrounding ourselves with unbalance.  Remember, where we effect our life is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why.  

I encourage you to start to take inventory of those ‘things’ you hold onto that you have not used or make you feel uncomfortable when you see it – and why.   The beginning of personal prosperity and abundance starts with this action. Check back soon to find out what to do next to create an abundant pathway in your life.

 Here’s to living a prospersous and abundant day!

Debbra Sweet



The Balancing Act – Part 1



One of the first steps in creating a life of prosperity and abundance is the ability to identify what is available for you to receive. The universe is full of prosperity. It is full of abundance. It’s an infinite resource that never ends. It’s ongoing and available for us to receive.

 For anything to function effectively there needs to be some kind of structure. There are laws that govern our universe called Universal Laws. These laws apply to everything, everywhere at all times in our universe. These laws enable our universe to function in an orderly fashion. Without these laws there would be chaos in the  universe.

By studying, understanding, cooperating, and applying these Universal Laws in our daily lives we can lead the most successful, fulfilling, and abundant, joyful, prosperous and healthy life possible.

The law of prosperity and abundance does indeed supply every possible need. It’s a law that applies to everyone. You have but to look around you and see the abundance. This however, is where opportunity presents itself for one to grow in understanding.

Although the universe is filled with abundance and opportunity for prosperity, it is you who must accept the prosperity and abundance – and there are some principles to discern and understand to fully manifest them in your life.

To manifest prosperity and abundance, one distinction to be clear about is the thinking process that is running your life. Are you creating a life that is based upon prosperity and abundance thinking- or upon a scarcity mindset?

There is a universal law called The Law of Attraction. What you think about the most, you will attract into your life. The majority of the people in the world tend to run on a mindset of scarcity.  It’s a mindset based upon a belief of limitations, rigidity, comfortable routines, and often the impressions of other people’s negative beliefs that feed into ones own thinking.

This scarcity mindset is strong and prevalent. You see it in reality every time you turn on the news, read most newspapers and you can hear it in most people’s conversations. From our own words it can sound like “I can’t, I won’t, it’s no use, that’s too hard”.  The news propounds scarcity thinking by talking about ‘how awful the economy is, the horrific things that people did that day, the newest disease, sickness or other destructive force that happened that week’- and much more.

These are the thoughts and conversations that turn into tabloid sensations and perpetuate the scarcity mindset circle. When you hear it one day, it becomes idle chatter and water cooler gossip the next! Some people live their whole lives around the news of others. The sensationalism of such stories is hard to resist- but resist is what you must do – if you truly want abundance and prosperity in your life.

The problem with having your thoughts running on scarcity thinking for so long– is that those thoughts and beliefs are comfortable and at home in your conscious and subconscious mind. They’re like a favorite pair of worn in sweats or slippers. When you slip into them you just say ‘aahhh’! It feels good- its familiar…it’s safe.

When you decide to change your thinking – you will begin to shift your belief system. It may not be comfortable or familiar territory but it is very rewarding when you achieve. Where you want to manifest prosperity and abundance, you need to undo what has already been programmed in your thinking. You need to undo scarcity thinking.

To do this, it starts with making the decision to change. Then, you follow it up with action. Part of the action you need to take to begin manifesting abundance is to identify what new information you need in order to ‘reprogram’ your thinking.

One element in understanding how to live abundantly is to know what is available. Are you looking for prosperity in health, finances, relationships, work, rest, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance or even material abundance? This is the easy part.

Most of these elements that people equate to abundant living can be seen around us. All you have to do is look. Once you determine what areas you want abundance in, then you can fine tune the details as to what is really available. This is the first step.  Prosperity is yours to receive- jut follow the path it leads to you. 

Stay tuned and have a prosperous day!

Debbra Sweet