Jump Start Your 2012 Marketing: 90 Day Planning Workshop

This past year I have been doing more speaking and specialty training classes on the subjects of: wellness, marketing, leadership, sales and successful business.

By popular interest request, I am launching a new workshop for San Diego Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Plan for successJump Start Your 2012 Marketing: 90 Day Planning Workshop

It’s a ‘working shop’ wherein the attendees will walk out with a tactical marketing plan for the next 90 days. If you have heard a friend, associate, neighbor or buddy say things like “I need to really be smart about building my business this year”  or “I have to do something different to grow my business. What I’ve been doing isn’t working” – those are great people to invite to this class.

You might also hear:  “I want better marketing this year- but I am not sure what to do” or, ” I have all these ideas in my head that I want to do to market my business, but I don’t know where to start”… those are also great people to tell about this class.

There is a limited capacity to the amount of people I will accept in the class room.  Right now, seats are still available- but are filling up.

Here’s a link to share with them to read more and register:  http://small-business-marketing-1-27-12.eventbrite.com/

You can share with them that if they register by 11:30 PM on Wed the 25th and use the code:  FB , they’ll get early bird ticket pricing.

Thanks for sharing and here’s to making 2012 an amazing one!


I got published on About.com today

I got published on About.com today! Pretty cool. They took out the reference to the place where I got the prenatals- but here it is: http://www.nomorningsickness.com

If you know of a sister, friend, wife, co-worker who has morning sickness, this article might help. The site I reference will help her too.  Morning sickness is no fun- and there’s ways to get rid of it.

Here’s the article they posted:

How Many Times Have You Been Pregnant?

I have been pregnant twice. I have two healthy, growing boys.

What Symptoms Of Pregnancy Have You Experienced?

Early on in both pregnancies I experienced morning sickness, feeling sleepy and achy.

As the pregnancies went along, the need for sleep increased. I noticed hormonal changes, but not the way most women do. For me I became very forgetful and a bit slower in my energy.

Towards the end of the pregnancies, the need for increased sleep was consistent. The closer to the birth of the babies, the more I found myself going to sleep earlier.

Food cravings were minimal. My pregnancy food choices were as clean as I could get them. I think that helped me not have too many symptoms. Good vitamins helped too.

What Have You Tried To Cope With These Symptoms?

For both pregnancies, I tried to eat food that had as little sugar in them as possible. It was important to me to not have caffeine either. The less sugar and chemicals in the body, the easier your pregnancy should be.

I made sure that I ate a good amount of raw vegetables, fruits, and kept my protein intake high. The bulk of the vegetables helped prevent and ease any kind of constipation. The fruits helped with vitamins and the protein gave me strength.

Using high quality non GMO meats, dairy and soy gave the babies good proteins to grow with. I also made sure that I ate a lot of dark green vegetables for Vitamin K, raisins for Folic acid.

Since so much of the food we buy has been grown in soil that is nutritionally depleted (when compared to many years ago) I found that taking daily Folic Acid, along with a really good, chemically free Prenatal Vitamin helped get rid of my morning sickness.

In fact, the prenatals that the doctor gave me made me sick to my stomach. I found a high quality prenatal vitamin online and as soon as I started to use it, my morning sickness stopped right away. My friends who were pregnant at the time changed their prenatals- and they had the same relief from morning sickness too.

Red raspberry tea and either ginger tea or fresh ginger also helped with my pregnancy symptoms. At night, I made sure to take a really quality Calcium with Vitamin D mineral. That helped with leg cramps that would start if I was on my feet too long. Taking the Calcium at night works with the body so it absorbs easily.

I found that I would wake up refreshed after a good nights sleep.


  • Take a high quality Prenatal Vitamin
  • Be sure to get enough Folic Acid
  • Ginger or Peppermint tea will help with some morning sickness
  • Try to eat as little sugar as possible (read labels carefully)
  • Do your best to not over eat. A growing baby only needs 100- 300k extra a day. Too much food can add to nausea
  • Listen to your body. If you need sleep during pregnancy, sleep.
  • Stay physically active during pregnancy to help keep your muscles strong, fluids moving through you and the baby. At minimum, walk daily.
  • Drink plenty of water, plain water.

Create your Day

Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.”
Author, Michael Gerber

Your action for today is to reflect on whether you are living fully or merely existing and either celebrate or make a commitment to change.

Have an extraordinary day!


The Controvery Has Begun

Go figure.

You spend a year pouring your heart, soul, experience, time and effort into putting an opportunity together that can truly help thousands of people.  I’m talking about 1000’s of business owners that have been sweating bullets trying to keep the doors open, keep cash flow fluid, ride out the waves of this economic wave… and then someone comes along and decides to vent out and throw darts at your well intended efforts!

Controversy abounds. The media feeds on it.  That being said- it’s funny how some people just need to nit pick and pin point only because they are too lazy to take a look at themselves as being part of the bigger problem!  It’s easier to cast stones than fill the sink hole.

So… what controversy am I talking about here?  There are rumors starting about the Marketing Made Easy Home Study Course I developed for the Woman Entrepreneur being a slap in the face to ladies around the globe.  The contrarians out there who are spreading the goo.. maybe they feel a little threatened?  Could be.  Chances are, they just like to find fault in others.

Here’s what one post says:

San Diego, CA. Jan 22, 2010 – People are saying Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur by best selling author and sales coach Debbra Sweet is like Marketing for Dummies. Can marketing really be made easy and did she dummy down for women?


PR Log (Press Release)Jan 22, 2010 – There is some unintended controversy of the “Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur” home study course title.

When asked if Debbra Sweet thinks women in business are dummies she is quoted as saying, “Please don’t get me wrong, I feel women are just as smart as men when it comes to learning new marketing skills. The title of my new home study course for women is meant to imply that the vastness of marketing a woman owned business has been distilled down into easy to do steps designed just for the woman entrepreneur.”

“Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur has nothing to do with marketing for dummies. It does not imply that sales and marketing coaching for women needs to be dummied down,” says marketing book author Debbra Sweet.

What is does mean is that for most people the subject of marketing is anything but easy. Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur home study course makes marketing simple for the woman business owner because of how it is presented in a step by step manner of what works best for a woman owned business.

Maybe a better title could be Marketing Made Simple. Visit the site and decide for yourself.


On her website, Debbra Sweet is also giving away a free sales coaching Marketing Made Easy Audio CD full of marketing tips, tricks and secrets designed just for the women entrepreneur. You can get one for yourself for free while supplies last. So hurry over to her Marketing Made Easy website and get your free marketing CD before she runs out!


Marketing Made Easy Home Study Course for Women

So… what do you think? I have set aside hundreds of hours and truly poured my heart into designing a learning program that is power packed with things you can learn today- and use today- to get results today.

Am I talking down? Not a chance.  Did I simplify the process of learning and doing? You bet.  Will this really help others?  Absolutely.  Will it help you?  Only if you use it. 🙂

What are your thoughts?