Integrity- My Word of the Year

I am not sure why this personal habit of mine developed- but it’s pretty cool. (I seem to recall starting this activity about 5 years ago.)

Each year, right within the first day or two of January, I either develop a “Word of the Year” , a “Quote of the year” or a  focused platform to live by  for the year.

Last year, I kicked off 2010 with the focus  on “The Big Fat Juicy”.  It was about going for the biggest, fattest, juiciest goals of my life.

Before that, the 2009 quote of the year was “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice”.

I recall prior to that, one of my very first personal quotes and focused sayings for a year was: “If you don’t like it…Change It!”  ( In fact, I believe this was the original personal saying of the year.)

That particular year, I had no idea I was actually starting a new trend or habit.  I recall being a bit sassy and frustrated about another person’s grumpy attitude towards something.  I mumbled to myself in my head “If you don’t like it… change it!” That was it.  In that moment of declaring that in my head, I felt a personal change.  In fact- I realized the wisdom and freedom with that statement. I decided to adopt that and really make it my own personal reminder that ” If I don’t like something… change it!”    I was giving myself permission to not be stuck in a hole. I was giving myself permission to be happy. I was telling myself that things don’t always have to be ‘just so.’ I have the power to change things.

That year- I often remembered and reminded myself of that sentence. Each time, freedom, encouragement and a step towards better results followed. I was hooked! I loved my personal quote!

Much to my surprise- at the beginning of the next year, without much forethought or planning, my next personal quote to be passionate about appeared. Then again, the following year.  Personal quote doesn’t really describe the power of this concept.  It’s more like a theme to live, work and play by.   It’s part of the equation that is involved in the goal planning  I do.

So this year- yesterday to be exact, upon rising early and being inspired to write with passion about our conversations with business prospects – it was very clear what my word of the year is : Integrity.

Here’s to integrity in all I do!  I will strive to be my best and walk as honestly and circumspectly as I can. If you ever see or hear me walking (or talking) out of alignment from integrity- I give you permission to put me back in check.

May your day be blessed,



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