Leadership Begins With You

I’ve been studying human nature, behavior, thought process and interpersonal communication since I was about 7 years old. That’s a LONG time.

It still amazes me how the psyche of humans operates. Our core motives. Our choices, the reasons we have for our decisions and then how we respond, react, hold to or change our reasoning and beliefs around those choices.

When it comes to the title or label of ‘leader’ – that is a word that brings about many interesting observations regarding people. In fact, I can’t even count anymore how many times I have seen this scenario:

1. You  have a natural leader who is there, steadfast, ready to lead and serve every time. They are often quiet, have a willing heart and contribute to the effort with little or no resistance. In fact, they will contribute to a situation simply because they want to.

2. You have those who title themselves as a leader. They come on with confidence and an attitude of “I am -or should be- in charge.” They often have a strong sense of ego… dare I say they are often very egocentric?  They bring with them an attitude of entitlement and will lead if there is profit in it for them.

Now here’s the funny side of observation:

The first one, the true leader, often, if you point out, admit to, or encourage them to step up into a formal role of leadership … they quickly say “Why? I’m not a leader.”

The second type of person, will come up to you and say – or even declare “I am the leader. I want to be THAT Person.”

Guess who typically does the BEST job when they are in a formal role of leader? …Yep. It’s the first one.  Why? Because they are meek, humble, willing to learn, and have a heart of giving. That is the true sense of leadership from the beginning of time.  Also, they typically take that same mind set and way of living into all areas of their life.

God made us to have balance in our lives. That also means balance in the areas of life we lead.

We first and foremost have to lead ourselves. If you cannot lead yourself and take responsibility or be accountable for what you do, how can you lead others?

Areas in our personal daily life that we need to start to lead ourselves in are:





Personal Family

Spiritual Family




These areas we need to lead ourselves in are not the end all- rather a great starting point.  Take care of yourself and get your house in order first.  Do it with heart of servitude, meekness, humility and willingness to learn.  THEN-go forth and bring to other situations you are in the same type of heart and diligence. You will be justly rewarded from the leadership you do and show.

Have an awesome day,

Debbra Sweet



3 Responses

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  2. Hi Debbra,

    Interesting post.

    I have recently published a book about this. Wouldn’t mind your insights.

    We seem to have come to similar conclusions of some aspects.

    Let me know if you would be interested in exchanging ideas and insights.

    Have a great day. 🙂

    • Anton,

      Thanks for stopping by and reaching out to say Hello!

      Yes, I’d love to stay in touch. We do seem to cross over in some areas of thought. Drop me a line anytime.

      Have a prosperous day,

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