Leading with a Rock-N-Roll Attitude

Rock & Roll Deb Now

Lately the fact that I have been a Rock-n-Roll musician has been coming up often.  It’s funny because as a musician, I play much more than just Rock-n-Roll. In fact, I am a classically trained musician; both vocally and instrumentally.

I truly enjoy classical music -listening and playing.  I love playing jazz, blues, R & B, Dixie Land.  I sing operatic music in German, Latin, Spanish and English.  I’ve even twanged out a country song or two. But Rock & Roll- that’s where the sizzle is. The stories are short, the emotions are long.  Always the rebel in my own way, Rock & Roll allows for a release that is unparalleled with the other styles of music.

Most people who see me during the day see glimpses of the R & R attitude- it’s the BRING IT ON part-with one not afraid to be different, be bold and go for it…but they also see a leader who understands the benefit and wisdom of  not being out of control.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition.  In leadership, leading by example is always a sure way to let others know you are real. You care. You are authentic. You show that you really believe in what you do.

Debbra Rocks Circa 1998

The best leaders though – they take risks. They have to at times.  Not unabashed, reckless risks- but well thought out and strategic risks.  To break through barriers and achieve great things, you have to be bold.  You can’t always walk down the well trodden path. You have to have the mojo inside that is ready to take a path not taken before.

Action leadership type  is reminiscent of one with a  Rock & Roll Attitude. You do what it takes to make things happen. You don’t just sit around and wait.

People tell me that they love my attitude.  They love my energy.  They love my focus.  They see clear determination and commitment to a cause. (The cause is to help others achieve great results by showing them there’s a better way to get them!)  People tell me that in me they see strength, I inspire them. They say that I’ve moved them to do things they never thought they could.

I am thankful and humble when I hear words like that.  I quickly remind myself that it is not ‘me’ they see. It is the reflection of God within me that shines through.   It is HIS strength that has been nurtured and wrapped itself in a unique package – known as me.  I am a bit over the top at times, I am quiet at others.  I do stand strong for HIM, but I BRING IT ON with the Rock & Roll Attitude.

Here’s to Rockin and NEVER Stopping!




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