The Controvery Has Begun

Go figure.

You spend a year pouring your heart, soul, experience, time and effort into putting an opportunity together that can truly help thousands of people.  I’m talking about 1000’s of business owners that have been sweating bullets trying to keep the doors open, keep cash flow fluid, ride out the waves of this economic wave… and then someone comes along and decides to vent out and throw darts at your well intended efforts!

Controversy abounds. The media feeds on it.  That being said- it’s funny how some people just need to nit pick and pin point only because they are too lazy to take a look at themselves as being part of the bigger problem!  It’s easier to cast stones than fill the sink hole.

So… what controversy am I talking about here?  There are rumors starting about the Marketing Made Easy Home Study Course I developed for the Woman Entrepreneur being a slap in the face to ladies around the globe.  The contrarians out there who are spreading the goo.. maybe they feel a little threatened?  Could be.  Chances are, they just like to find fault in others.

Here’s what one post says:

San Diego, CA. Jan 22, 2010 – People are saying Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur by best selling author and sales coach Debbra Sweet is like Marketing for Dummies. Can marketing really be made easy and did she dummy down for women?


PR Log (Press Release)Jan 22, 2010 – There is some unintended controversy of the “Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur” home study course title.

When asked if Debbra Sweet thinks women in business are dummies she is quoted as saying, “Please don’t get me wrong, I feel women are just as smart as men when it comes to learning new marketing skills. The title of my new home study course for women is meant to imply that the vastness of marketing a woman owned business has been distilled down into easy to do steps designed just for the woman entrepreneur.”

“Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur has nothing to do with marketing for dummies. It does not imply that sales and marketing coaching for women needs to be dummied down,” says marketing book author Debbra Sweet.

What is does mean is that for most people the subject of marketing is anything but easy. Marketing Made Easy for the Woman Entrepreneur home study course makes marketing simple for the woman business owner because of how it is presented in a step by step manner of what works best for a woman owned business.

Maybe a better title could be Marketing Made Simple. Visit the site and decide for yourself.

On her website, Debbra Sweet is also giving away a free sales coaching Marketing Made Easy Audio CD full of marketing tips, tricks and secrets designed just for the women entrepreneur. You can get one for yourself for free while supplies last. So hurry over to her Marketing Made Easy website and get your free marketing CD before she runs out!


Marketing Made Easy Home Study Course for Women

So… what do you think? I have set aside hundreds of hours and truly poured my heart into designing a learning program that is power packed with things you can learn today- and use today- to get results today.

Am I talking down? Not a chance.  Did I simplify the process of learning and doing? You bet.  Will this really help others?  Absolutely.  Will it help you?  Only if you use it. 🙂

What are your thoughts?



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