Survival Tips for Your Business Marketing When Disaster Strikes Part 3

Where to Start

If you’re ready to start with a current event/cause related marketing approach, rest assured that this type of marketing can be done with tact and can be well received.  There may be people that will take advantage of other peoples hardships- but most cause related campaigns, if done right, will help to position your business as a trusted resource for years to come.  Success

You can support the people in your community with campaigns that you sponsor yourself, or, you could find other businesses in the area to do a joint effort.  This can be very powerful if you choose your promotional partners wisely.  Complimentary businesses can go into a marketing campaign together thus increasing their reach, enriching the offer and reducing expenses.  If your product directly will support the rebuilding of peoples homes and lives to normalcy, this is the time to step forward and come together with others that can co-promote the cause.

An event can be organized to raise funds, have a class room or seminar style approach to educating locals in the community on how the sponsors of the event can help them rebuild- or you could simply be proactive in a direct campaign to those in need.  There are many uniquely targeted marketing offers you can use to promote your message once you decide to be proactive in a timely way.  A simple gesture like donating useful daily items can go a long way.  There are many available that you can present with your company’s logo and brand in a tactful manner.  These can become new personal favorites of the recipient and you make it easy for them to remember you for years to come.

If you want to understand more – or would like specific ideas that can help out our community with effective, caused based marketing, email or call us at 760-597-2790. 

If you would like a private marketing advisory session to get ideas to help you through the months ahead, I’m offering a ½ hour free call to you.  Just mention this article when you schedule your appointment.

Most importantly, may you be safe and healthy and may you stand strong through the upcoming year.

Debbra Sweet

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