Survival Tips Part 2 for Your Business Marketing When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

Now that you have a look at some marketing basics, its one thing to be proactive in normal business circumstances, but what do you to when disaster strikes?

If you’ve made the choice to be proactive and protect your business when difficult times arise, here’s insight into how you’ll be helping others while taking care of yourself.

When a disaster hits a community, such as the yearly fires, floods, earthquakes and snowstorms that occur, there will be hardship and there will be people in need of your products and services.  Effective and timely marketing of your business to those people will help alleviate their stress and ease their recovery. There is marketing opportunity to position yourself and your company as a resource to those in need.  The most important elements are:  the way you present your marketing message that will help solve their problems or fulfill needs, and the timeliness. You can use a variety of advertising outlets to get your message to them quickly.

By extending your services to people in your community with a caused based marketing approach, combined with a special promotion in a time of need, you will gain clients who will be grateful for your efforts. With continual marketing to them, over time, you will find that you gained a loyal client because you cared enough to offer help in their time of need.  The promotion element makes it easier for them to buy from you.

Regarding promotions, you’ve seen examples of successful approaches for years. There’s the ‘holiday sale’, the ‘year end blow out’, the annual ‘January White Sale” – and so much more.  You’ve seen purchase incentives such as: buy one, get one free; 10% off and even a purchase incentive of ‘proceeds go to a favorite charity”.  These elements of promotions address one area:  motivation and incentive to use your service now.

Know that seasonal ‘disasters occur could actually be the reason for you to reach out to the community. This is the time where creative marketing strategy, combined with a timely event related offer of your service or product can be tied into a recent current event or disaster.  Be creative here- the more original you are, the easier it is for people to remember you. One of the big keys here is preparation.  The second is sensitivity.  If you use a traditional promotional approach for an offer- be attentive to how y0u present it.

No one wants fires, earthquakes, floods, snowstorms.  The reality is, they happen. Your goal here is to be able to offer value based products or services when disaster strikes.  If you have been marketing this way prior to a disaster occurring, your company should already have some visibility and credibility. People will be more apt to purchase from you when disaster strikes if you are able to act quick on your feet and respond to the opportunity to help others quickly.

Provide solutions in time of need

You might have a specialty product or service that will benefit many.  If you have the solution that others need, it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to actually promote your service.  If you were a victim of the disaster, this is even more important if your business is your only livelihood.   During difficult times, people have many more choices to make.  You can support them by making their choices easier.  Help them to find you and let your services and products solve their problems-and the return for you will give you the means to help solve your needs. 

Visit again to read part three:  where to start for this type of marketing.

Have a great day,

Debbra Sweet

2 Responses

  1. Good Morning Debbra,
    I really needed that boost of confidence. Thank you for having it posted and easy to located.

    Christy Martin
    RB Glass & Mirror, Inc.

    • Christy,

      You are an incredible inspiration yourself and I am very honored to know you. The joy of becoming your friend is a blessing to me and I am glad to help you however I can.

      Let’s keep rockin’!


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