Survival Tips for Your Business Marketing When Disaster Strikes Part 1

Start with the basics
First, understand what marketing is.  Marketing is very big, very broad and is involved in every element of your business.  It’s what you do from the time you say hello to someone to the next time you say hello to them.  It’s how you present your business to the consumer.  Marketing encompasses ideas, concepts and strategic thought behind the decisions you make when you present your company’s services to the public.  

Advertising and promotions sit under the umbrella of marketing.  Advertising deals with the media outlets (what methods) you use to announce your marketing ideas and specific actions.  Promotions are the ‘event’, the reason or incentives offered to encourage people to buy from you.

Second, understand that effective marketing involves many factors.  One of which is timing.  Having the right message at the right time to the right end user is a key factor for marketing success.

 Third, consistency is most important!  Rarely is a one time marketing campaign ever effective.  (They can be- but usually they are the exception and not the norm).   For the short term and the long haul, the more consistent you are able to stay in contact with those who are your clients- and those who you want to be- your campaign has an increased chance at success.

Next, it’s important to know that when times get tough, the most successful businesses actually market more and not less.  Why is that?  Every day we are bombarded with an abundance of media input all of which are vying for the same amount of conscious consumer attention.  If you want to be heard, you need to have repetitive exposure, otherwise, your message will quickly get lost in the sea of competing marketing messages.  If you know you are going to enter in to a potentially challenging time in your business, make your targeted message heard and make it often.

Last, know that there are many marketing strategies and opportunities available to help others while you help your own business.

Great Ideas Start With You

Leaders in business understand that they cannot afford to wait around until things happen. They are the ones to make things happen. Leaders in business take a consistent, proactive approach to helping others by growing their business.  This proactive approach is beneficial in good times and when disaster strikes.

Coming Next: Marketing insights when disaster strikes Part 2

Stay tuned!

Debbra Sweet

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